Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas sale and updates

Hi guys!

Sorry for the long wait between posts--it's been pretty hectic on my end (although isn't it always?)

NaNo's been a bust for me so far. I'm split between a few different projects at the moment, so not enough time for a complete novel, but let me tell you about some of my projects.

First, Zero Angel's Mathematics:

This is my attempt to give back. Math is something that I am a certified expert in and something that I teach like no one else I've ever encountered. The series as a whole is designed to take students from no experience in math through calculus (and hopefully beyond). Each section of the series will be released as a single eBook for a low price so that people with specific concerns are able to only purchase the sections they need. Everything I've done with these sections has been done with the intention of trying to help people.

The eBook format also really has the benefit that future editions can be updated and students can get the new edition for free.

The first section focuses on math anxiety and ways that our anxieties with math can be overcome. If math anxiety is something that affects you or concerns you, then please check it out. It is a KDP Select book, so that means if you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow it for free. Otherwise, it is $0.99.
It is titled Overcoming Math Anxiety and How to Succeed at Mathematics.

The second section, Arithmetic and Number Sense: The "Basics" of Mathematics We are Never Taught should be released in the next 10 days. Keep an eye out for it! Depending on the final edition, it will retail for between $1.99 and $2.99.

The next project I've been working on is a horror story, which has been an interesting departure! I've actually quite enjoyed it and I think I am going to continue to write more horror stories. Once I opened this Pandora's Box I kept coming up with more and more stories that creep the crap out of me or downright terrify me. Even though I'm easily scared, I think if I am able to transmit the merest iota of terror into the writing that I feel thinking about these that they will be spectacular. This story should also release this month. (Yay!)

The third project that has been occupying my time has been revamping the website to have offerings for the different series and features that Apocalypse Designs offers (currently still all mine, but it keeps me busy). I am planning on getting a good launch page into place tonight, so if all goes well you can check it out by the morning!

The fourth "project" I've been working on was another read-through my published novel, The Throne of Ao. Just like any first edition, there are usually typos that make it past beta readers and editors alike. This project's been completed! Based on feedback I've received from some reviewers and readers, I've made some changes to improve readability and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Also, as a special Christmas sale, ToA is being offered for $4.99, a full $2 off the original list price. The sale won't be here long, so if you've been going back and forth about the purchase or not, please consider it!

The book makes a great gift, for the person you're giving it to AND for me :) Remember that you can read the novel on computers, smartphones and tablets with the free apps as well as on a Kindle or Nook.

My fifth project is NaNo. This has been the one that's been neglected the most unfortunately. I'm still optimistic about getting this done by the first or second week in December, but the editing process may take significantly longer and I am unwilling to publish a novella that is not up to standard. That means Coming of the Comet probably will not be released by the end of the year.

My sixth project was the article I hinted at in my last blog post: Agriculture in the Apocalypse. This article is turning more into a dissertation. I believe I will end up doing a synopsis / abridged version for here and make my full paper available through my website.

I have a few other projects in the works, and feel free to ask about any, but these are the main ones I've been working on.

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