Monday, December 31, 2012

Updates: Zero Angel's Mathematics, Warrior's Way and new urban fantasy

Hi guys!

It's been a rough month. One of the issues with not just having your own business, but being your only employee is that everything tends to revolve around you. Unfortunately, that means that minor catastrophes (such as getting sick, hurting your neck and being forced to live between three houses as your house is under construction) tends to derail any deadlines you might have had.

I am pleased to report that Section 1 is complete and gone through editing; unfortunately, formatting the equations properly so they will show up correctly on the Kindle and Kindle apps is bound to take a few more days.

Warrior's Way is shaping up nicely. This prequel novella is set in the century leading up to The Throne of Ao in my WotA multiverse. If you thought that the action was over-the-top in Throne, then be ready to have the roof blown off in Warrior's Way, which features the hume Warrior god as well as cameos by other gods and goddesses. I had been planning for a December release on that as well, but, well, I've already explained the deadlines were all missed this month.

I've also been working on a new urban fantasy. More mystery and investigation than action (although there is that too of course), I am hoping to turn this into a serial released every month.

Happy New Year everyone!