Monday, April 29, 2013

Defiance: A Retrospective After Three Episodes

I probably won't be reviewing Defiance episodes for the foreseeable future (unless something drastic happens on the show). They seem to have fallen into a good groove and continue to do what they do well and continue to annoy me in the same ways.

It's a very high-quality sci-fi show that is especially of interest to anyone that enjoys post-apocalypse and frontier sci-fi. It has a great soundtrack, good CG, good actors, and OK writing. Check it out. You can watch episodes for $1.99 below (they should have the third episode, "The Devil in the Dark" sometime later today):

The annoyances:
Deliberate storytelling. Everything is set up with the precision of dominos and the pieces fall as you would expect. Sometimes it's not really clear why particular dominos are set in particular locations in-verse, and you realize it's because the set-up is needed for what they want. There are better ways to achieve what you want than to force it, thank you.
Racism for the sake of racism. I'm usually annoyed by racism in general, but it really seems that many of these racist people don't even have a reason to be racist. It's more like, "They're a different species so we have to hate them!" I mean, I understand that racism like that exists, but in a story it is much more bearable when there is some sort of reasoning behind it.
Revealing the enemy. Although they didn't in Episode 3, in Episodes 1 and 2, we were "treated" to what the villains were talking about and planning. I'd really rather not know, thanks.
The show is clocking in at a solid B, 8.5/10, but it has so much potential the B is almost sickening.

I'll probably post a review of the season finale and a season 1 retrospective, but unless a particular episode really blows me out of the water or drops the ball entirely, I don't want to dedicate more posts to repeating myself every week.

The storylines are not overly epic (not that they need to be, they're quite good as they are), and I don't think each episode needs a review. 

What have been your thoughts on Defiance so far?

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