Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jurassic Park in 3D

Got the opportunity to watch the doctored up Jurassic Park in 3D.

We all know the story (and if you don't, it's 20 years old, spoilers ahead), so the real question is the 3D. Did Universal "find a way" or was the 3D "one big pile of shit"?

Also worth asking is does Jurassic Park stand the test of time? Keep reading for my take on it.
I was initially amazed by the 3D in Jurassic Park. I had already read a review that had me prepared for the worst, but as the foliage popped off the screen, I thought they had it all wrong and began to question the bias of the reviewer.

All of the scenery and objects in the first 30 minutes of the movie are rendered amazingly and are all very good in 3D.

Unfortunately, we did not go to see Jurassic Park to see computer monitors (geez, they were really that bulky back then?) and ferns in 3D.

The dinosaurs, in spite of being 20 year old CG and puppetry, are still quite good, but here is where the film shows that it was not designed for 3D. The sequences with the dinosaurs, whether meant to be thrilling or inspiring, were written, designed and filmed with a 2D screen in mind. As such, there's only so much they can do to render these in 3D.

I frequently found myself sliding the glasses up my face to see if the film was still being done in 3D. I'm not sure if it's correct or not, but I always assume that the level of blurriness indicates how 3D the 3D is. There were times where I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my glasses being smudgy and the film supposed to be in 3D.

If you're going to see this with the expectation of triceratops's giant shit piles in your face and the T-Rex not only being "closer than it appears" but out in the movie theater with you, then I hate to disappoint you, but I'd rather do it than have you find out in the theater.

In terms of the timelessness of the movie, they're all using early 90s tech, "It's an interactive CD-rom!" Some of the things of that nature (analog equipment at the digsite?!) had me rolling my eyes and questioning whether the "new generation" would even know what the cast was talking about or would be very confused by the prehistoric tech (sorry about the pun).

Also, and I'm sure this has been hashed out no few number of times, but I found the inconsistencies to be more irksome this time around. Obviously the level ground turning into a cliff they have to go down was absurd as well as the guy patting the velociraptor in the kitchen, but even smaller things like "how did she reach the ice cream?"

All that, but it IS Jurassic Park. For me, I never really went to see films in theater and I definitely missed out on seeing this in theater the first time around, so it was nice to be able to get the full experience. Although the 3D was unnecessary, did not add much of anything to the film, and was clearly a money grab/hype builder for the inevitable Jurassic Park 4, it did not subtract anything from the film. If given the choice between the two, I am not sure which I would prefer.

Zero's Review: B 8.5 / 10

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