Monday, July 29, 2013

New Sailor Moon Anime o_O

I've recently come out on this blog as being a childhood fan of Sailor Moon. So imagine my surprise when the same week I say this I hear about an all-new Sailor Moon anime!

Remember, I tempered my appreciation of Sailor Moon by saying that the show was not the best and that the Sailor Moon that I remember is the one from the many fanfictions of Sailor Moon that I read back then.

So this is an approximation of how I reacted to hearing there was a new Sailor Moon anime coming as early as this winter:



Of course to be followed with the soul-crushing logic that this is probably going to be aimed at 12-15 year olds like the original was and will not be something that I'll even be able to enjoy for nostalgia's sake.

Also, please be aware that although this particular Amazon copy of "Sailor Moon: The Complete Series (2013)" SAYS that it is 2013, it's actually 2010, oh, and it's also apparently distributed illegally. How do they get away with that? Still, lots of high reviews. I assume once they sell out that they won't have any additional copies if it's an illegal version, so if you're worried you won't ever get a copy of the original dubbed Sailor Moon, it looks like this is the route you'd have to go.

Hmm. After looking at some of the reviews for this, apparently the Sailor Moon TV series I remember was a bastard version of the original that was dumbed down for American audiences and the original was rated 15+. I knew they butchered it, but I didn't realize they made it so much more kid-friendly (although I somehow remember the two lesbian characters being portrayed as just really good friends, I think that was post USA Network Sailor Moon and post SOS Campaign). Gives me hope for the remake!