Monday, July 15, 2013

Whatever happened to...

Sometimes I'll get the question, "Whatever happened to Champion of the Gods?" or "Whatever happened to Coming of the Comet?" or the same question applied to this or that short story that USED to be available.

Keep reading after the jump to find out...

Well, Champion of the Gods and Coming of the Comet were never presented in a completed form (in fact, Coming of the Comet was never more than a teaser), and I ended up continuing to keep them on the backburner long enough that I felt it ridiculous to continue offering what I had of these without delivering.  So they went away.

I also sometimes get a question or two about Tyria or Gawyn, both of whom appeared in their own short stories WAYYYYYY back when I was using Myspace as a blog. (Like, in the '00s o_O).

They went away when that Myspace went away (along with hundreds and hundreds of "Friends" that refused to migrate to my company's Myspace page or Facebook).

So now you know what happened to them, you're probably wondering what's going to happen to them.

Champion of the Gods will be completed this winter; I'm hoping for a 2013 release, but I'm pretty busy for the rest of this year, so it will almost have to be in January or February. As soon as CotG is out, Coming of the Comet will be the next novella that I release, so possibly as early as March 2014, but definitely no later than Summer 2014. Both novellas will be not just re-released, but published.

I know that some of CotG was available for free, so I will be posting the first part or two of the novella up for free on I have no desire to make people pay for something they used to have access to for free. The full versions of Champion of the Gods and Coming of the Comet will be released at my novella prices ($2.99) for Kindle.

Now, as for Tyria and Gawyn, both characters are actually main characters of Book 2 of the main saga of WotA. The short story featuring Tyria actually takes place in the prologue of Book 2 (that shows you how far ahead I've been writing and planning :p). The short story featuring Gawyn takes place several years before his introduction in Book 2, but once I have it rewritten and am happy with it I will be releasing it as one of the Transition stories between Book 1 and 2 in the timeline. This could be as early as next month.

I also plan on sharing the prologue of Book 2 first in my newsletter and eventually here on my blog and on significantly in advance of Book 2 being released. Currently titled, The Towers of Aeruen, Book 2 is still scheduled for a third quarter release in 2014.

So that's where we stand currently. I'm hard at work getting the MANY releases polished for this month, and the only thing that may delay them is cover work and formatting right now. I'm about 75% - 90% on each promised release for July. Here's the current updated schedule (everything tentative past July):

Jul '13: WotA: "The Warrior's Way"
Jul '13: "Zero Angel's Mathematics #2"
Jul '13: "Zero Angel's The Forest"
Jul '13: Of Faeries and Demons: Gremlins
Jul '13: 3 WotA Prequels
    Val, Balolsur, Iro Jad
Aug '13: Of Faeries and Demons #2
 Aug '13: "Zero Angel's Mathematics #3"
Aug '13: 2 WotA Transitions
  Planning on one featuring Schaele and one featuring Gawyn
Sep '13: Of Faeries and Demons #3
Sep '13: Zero Angel's Mathematics #4
Sep '13: "Zero Angel's Mathematics Collection #1" (continuing yearly)
Oct '13: Of Faeries and Demons #4
Nov '13: Untitled Children's Novel
Nov '13: Of Faeries and Demons #5
Dec '13: Cross Adventures Novella: "A Cross at the End of Days"
Dec '13: Of Faeries and Demons #6
Dec '13: Zero Angel's Mathematics #5 (continuing quarterly)
Jan '14: Cross Adventures Short (continuing monthly)
Jan '14: Of Faeries and Demons #7 (continuing monthly)
2014 First Quarter: Champion of the Gods
2014 Early Second Quarter: Prologue to The Towers of Aeruen
2014 Second Quarter: Coming of the Comet
2014 June: Of Faeries and Demons 1st Collection (continuing yearly)
2014 Early Third Quarter: Book 2: The Towers of Aeruen
2014 December: Cross Adventures 1st Collection (continuing yearly)
2015 Late Fourth Quarter: Book 3 (continuing every ~18 months)