Thursday, August 1, 2013

Freeware Recommendation: Bitmeter II

Hi guys,

I recently switched back to using my mobile phone for my home Internet, so I required the use of a data tracker on my PC (since the phone's data was always a few hours old). I looked around and decided to try out Bitmeter II.

It's fantastic! I just Googled it to find the download. Here's the link,

Bitmeter overlays a real-time graph of your data usage when you start it and immediately keeps track of all your data use, both download and upload. It's interesting to see the amount of background activity going on, but more useful are the alerts you can set (you can do them volume over time—called speed alerts—or just full-on volume alerts). You can set a stopwatch feature to record totals over a certain amount of time (such as watching a video or reading a manga, or being on Pinterest for more than one second (seriously, Pinterest is a hog; sorry Pinterest fans but as long as I'm restricted by data I won't be back unless it's the last day and I have some GB to burn)), and it can do more than totals: it does averages, maxes and mins. The system tray icon maintains a running total as long as your connected, and if you check the statistics you can access a full record of it with graphs and tables that can be broken down by the hour, by the day, or by the month.

Aside: What's really nice for the Whovians is one of the alert noises is the Cloister Bell!

Anyway, it's clearly designed with utility in mind as it appears that the creators made a very streamlined useful app that does everything you can imagine it doing without being so clunky like most modern programs. When I finally graduate to full-on programming, this is the sort of app that I can imagine myself making.

The features are logical and are what you'd expect them to be based on their names, which is good as there is not much explanation on how to run it. You can set the floating time graph to be always on top or not, and can even set it to be click-through.

As well as alerts, you can set restrictions and let Bitmeter know your max data you're allowed to use and after what percent of that data to warn you. I'm fairly sure it won't shut off your data use if you go over though, so don't plan to use this to help curtail your children's data. Still, if your children are old enough and responsible enough to know about the restrictions on your plan and care, having a handy-dandy meter that keeps track for you is fantastic. For my purposes, I don't need to look any farther than Bitmeter II.

Zero Review: 9.0/10 A-
Although incredibly useful, some direction is probably required for most users and it would be nice if you could set limits on your data use that it could enforce. Also, although there is something to be said for utility of design, it could be prettier.

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