Monday, September 2, 2013

Hashtag WotA

In the interest of keeping you informed: I have not died.

I realize that the promised updates have not come. For more, let me refer you to this: I'm crap at deadlines. I'm really sorry about that. I'd like to tell you all that the delays are a thing of the past, but all I can say is that I'm working on it.

One thing that is relatively easy for me to do though is talk about WotA; unfortunately, the list of people I have to talk about it is relatively small. Luckily, there is a modern day alternative to talking that does not take up much time: Twitter.

So what I have been doing lately (I've been trying for daily, but even if I miss a day, I usually release 2-5 tweets at a time) is tweeting factoids about WotA. Whether it's a monster, geographic location, character or legend, I tweet. Hashtag WotA.

Here's a link that should take you to all of them: @ZAWotA #WotA (may need to be logged in to Twitter).

If you're curious what sort of things I tweet, here's the last three:
: The beards of the titans grew like stalactites from their tears as the ancient race watched the dragons destroy the world.

: To this day, the dwarves, an offshoot of the titan race, have beards and hair more akin to minerals than hair.

: Young dwarves use their beards as a test if something is safe, prompting the phrase, "Shoving their beards where they don't belong!"
Please check them out if you're interested and let me know what you think! I adore feedback. Thanks!