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The Day of the Doctor Review: Almost Perfect (Spoiler-free)

If you were at all reluctant to watch "The Day of the Doctor", let me assure you that your fears are unfounded.

Here's a cool shot of all 12 Doctors

And the Amazon link to the blu-ray:

I was very worried about the fact that it was in 3D, as I imagined all sorts of cheesy 3D effects that look terrible in 2D and are really only tolerable in 3D.

But I didn't notice any of that, so I imagine that the 3D was rather subtle overall.

It's a beautiful film, although short, with plenty of nostalgia and all sorts of timey-wimey happenings that are sure to delight. We see more of the Time War than ever before, which never hurts.

The character of Rose Tyler is fantastic, and is probably my all-time favorite performance of hers. #11 comes back like he never left (note: Hurt is #9, Eccleston is #10, Tennant is #11, and Smith is #12).

It's almost perfect.

I have been having an emotional disconnect with Doctor Who for at least a year now however. I was afraid that it was me, so I went back and watched the Iron Giant to see if I still could feel. I could. Then I went back to watch some of the old Doctor Who episodes (2005+), and sure enough, not only could I still feel, I could still get the "feels".

If you got the feels watching "Day of the Doctor", then I can assure you that you're doing it to yourself.

You know so much about Doctor Who and are so in the head of the character, that you are substituting what needs to be shown in order to get the emotional reaction that you are getting out of it.

This isn't a bad thing...for you. It is a bad thing for the series as a whole however. There are so many people watching the show now because it is "in", that if it does not actually deliver, then those people will forever be posers and never become true Whovians. And that's not their fault.

Hopefully, they go back and watch 2005 to today and see what's so amazing about the show. Maybe, they go back even farther and start watching the best of the rest or read a book of ten.

If you watched the first half of series 7 and thought it was amazing, then there is something wrong with you. I assume it's bandwagon syndrome.

If you watched the show last night, it absolutely was AMAZING, but there is a lack. The emotion is spotty. Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't.

Last night's episode and its content should have completely wrecked everyone that watched it, Whovian or not (so long as they were caught up from 2005). Completely wrecked everyone.

As it was, there was one scene that I should have felt an emotional response that BBC America's pre-show ruined for me (so I don't blame Doctor Who for that, I blame BBCA), but even then, it should have been more potent, more weighty. The rest of it as well, it was less emotional and more sprint to the end, and this has been a complaint I've had with many recent episodes, this one not-excluding.

It used to be every other episode wrecked me or gave me the feels; one of the biggest Doctor Who events of the last 50 years and I got nothing.

Still, it only suffers in comparison, and in many ways is one of the greatest episodes of all-time in spite of the emotional lack.

Zero Review: 9.5/10;  A

P.S. There are two prequel minis that are interesting to watch. I recommend only this one however (the other is good, but not something particularly worth your time unless you're interested in everything Who):

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