Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Tune a Ukulele Using a Guitar Tuner

So, I bought a ukulele and you would think that there would be innumerable resources on how to tune the damn thing on the WORLD WIDE WEB—you know, the repository of all human knowledge on Earth—but it came up annoyingly short.

Anyway, if you personally have a soprano ukulele, but only possess a guitar tuner (mine is a guitar/bass tuner, but I won't be using the bass side), then here's the easy way:

Tune the 4th, 2nd and 1st string using the guitar tuner set to G, E and A respectively.

That is, the string closest to you (the fourth string) is G, two strings further from you will be an E and the furthest string will be an A.

These are all in the same octave.

The second string is a C string, and here's where all the other resources were shite because they tell you to use your tuner until it tells you it's a C, but MY TUNER DOESN"T BLOODY HAVE A C!

Anyway, this string's second fret is a D, so tune it to that. Oh, and it's an octave lower than the rest, don't overtighten.

Hopefully, this will help you successfully tune a ukulele without wasting 30 minutes plus searching. 

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