Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Wonder Woman

So Wonder Woman is in the new Batman v. Superman movie (follow-up to Man of Steel).

I'm not particularly fond of DC in general, although I've always loved the non-comics versions of their properties I've consumed starting with Adam West and George Reeves reruns in the 80s and 90s and progressing to the present.

In my opinion, DC in general feels like it is less real than Marvel. I've always heard that "DC has the best storylines and Marvel has the best characters", but I've never seen any evidence of these best storylines.

Regardless, let's talk about the current Wonder Woman.  There was some hubbub when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, something about a lingerie model that can't act being cast as the most iconic female superhero warrior. There were additional comments about her being too slight to portray the Amazonian warrior. Personally, I was not particularly thrilled with the casting but I was willing to give her a chance. The entire property has me leery and I have next to no faith or confidence in anything from DC.

With the recent poster release, many have apparently abandoned their criticisms of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and even more are saying, "She looks ready to kick ass!"

I went another way. I took this poster as evidence of everything that people were worried about. First, here's the image:

A couple things.

(1) People are talking about her mobility like that is something that only a skirt can provide.
(2) She's wearing hooker boots.
(3) Completely sleeveless chest piece.

I understand DC has no grounds in reality, but we just came off the Dark Knight Trilogy which FELT like it was real. We're going toe-to-toe with Marvel which FEELS real. Then there's someone that looks like this.

I'm not going to overanalyze her attributes and complain about her being too sexy or whatever, I'm going to analyze her pose.

Has anyone tried mimicking this pose? If you haven't, try it right now.

Stand up, push your shoulders back, lock your knees and elbows completely straight. Now lift yourself on your toes all the way to mimic wearing the heels too. Do you feel badass? 

Well you shouldn't.  I understand this is a visual image and it's designed to be a visual image, but everyone's talking about how ready to kick ass this Wonder Woman is when in reality if you tried to take this stance in a dojo your teachers would immediately berate you and modify the stance.

This worries me, because it tells me that we're more concerned that Wonder Woman looks the part than she can play the part.

I don't want to overstate this. It's not like this is a scene taken from the movie. It could just be a "glamour shot" of Wonder Woman in which case, sure it makes some sort of sense to have her do a model pose and not a fighter's stance. But I'd still question having Wonder Woman appear so oversexed.

This poster seems to me to be evidence of everything the people that were worried about Wonder Woman being in the movie at all and Gal Gadot playing her feared. But at least it's just a poster. It could still be fine in the movie itself.

. . .

But I don't have faith in it.