Friday, July 18, 2014

RWBY Thoughts

Every time I look at or say "RWBY", I can't stop myself but singing "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby" a la the Kaiser Chiefs.

That aside, the show, or perhaps more accurately the web series, is a mixed bag.

The action, when it exists, is exceptional.  The humor is infectious.  The voice actors have an innate likeability that overshadows their inexperience.  The music is good, but when it takes up an entire minute of a 5 minute episode, you can't help but be annoyed.  The one downside is the production quality.  The art design is good, but the animation is clunky and sometimes unintentionally hilarious, which is a detraction. If you go into the series as a fan production of an anime by an American not-so-professional studio, then you probably won't be disappointed.

All 16 episodes are available in places (such as Crunchyroll), and really motivated people can even buy the blu-ray.

But well, 16 episodes of a web series is like 3-4 episodes of a "real" show.  (110 minutes means an average of 6 minutes and 52 seconds per episode).

The action is the primary draw of this show, but it really only exists in force in about 3 of the 16 episodes.  The rest are full of minor character development / days in the life / path to action, and when you're watching 3-5 of these in a row with the action tantalizingly out of reach, well, it gets pretty annoying.

Still, they're quick enough that it's bearable.

Anyway, check it out.  The first episode is on YouTube (I think legally for once) and is one of the 3 that I mentioned. ...wait, it's legal, so I can just post it here -_-

(by the way, for some reason it starts with your standard fantasy role-playing game intro, it's quick, no worries)

What are your thoughts on the show? Hope you enjoy it!

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