Monday, September 22, 2014


The commercials dragged me in to see the "team of geniuses" with a combined IQ over 700 (which is well, nonsense, but whatever).

These characters all say the things that normal geniuses and supergeniuses train themselves not to say. Or maybe they're just too stupid? I don't know.

It's like the Art of War though. I mean, even if you have no emotional IQ, you can predict how people behave because behavior is logical if you know the variables that go into it. So whereas blunders and missteps may be common to people that aren't thinking about those things at the time, any supergenius that applies any portion of their brain to understanding should be able to figure it out at least to the point of being able to function in society. Hell, even the acting subtype of people with Asperger's Syndrome are able to do that and they're not even necessarily gifted, let alone a genius.

Like, I always used to find the Big Bang Theory offensive and ridiculous, but I was eventually able to overlook the smart-people bashing or maybe they toned it down as the series moved forward. Now I genuinely enjoy the show.

I'm OK with Sherlock because he has no interest in being socially apt. I'm not OK with Sheldon because he wants to understand AND he knows psychology AND he CONSTANTLY asks whether something is sarcasm or not, but he just can't get it. That doesn't make sense.

For Scorpion, I was really interested. But every character just seemed to be a walking stereotype.

I'm not saying that this is as offensive to me as, let's say, EVERY portrayal of women and PoC in modern media, and yes, this show appeals to me in some masturbatory ego appeal that I don't fully comprehend, but I don't see it lasting at all unless they get some depth to their characters.

Having a torrid past doesn't equal depth by the way.

But if I find the ridiculousness of these character's over-the-top, then how would anyone else be able to stand them? And the answer is they won't. I'll be interested to see the ratings for this episode and how many people turned it off before they got to the action-packed ending that everyone was expecting for the entire episode because it was spoiled in the commercials.

Wait. Is this how I come off to others? ? ?

(to clarify, IQ scores become too variable to be worthwhile above the 160s. Saying you have an IQ of 200 means that at age ten you would have scored the same as the average 20 year old, but what the hell is the average 20 year old? The standard deviation goes out of control after age 14, 16, and 18 because not everyone goes to high school, people drop out, and not everyone goes to college. Is the average 20 year old in college? In the work force? In jail? If you're a genius you're a fucking genius, you don't need to quantify it down to the last IQ point).

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