Saturday, December 13, 2014

Doctor Who Series 8 Finale Lookback


So vamoose if you don't want to be spoiled. Spoilers after the jump:

I have never before been unmoved by a heroic sacrifice in Doctor Who. I mean, I know that heroic sacrifices occur with almost hilarious regularity on the show, but whenever a series regular or even a really good one-off character bit the big one, I was always moved.

Not so with Danny Pink. Good fucking riddance. I hated his character and I hated Clara Oswald with his character.

Up until Series 8, Clara had almost immediately jumped into the lead of my all-time-favorite companions of the Doctor. But it was almost like Moffat hadn't looked past the Name of the Doctor when creating her character and lost for something to do with her, shoehorned a bland love interest.

Now, originally I enjoyed Danny's character and I thought he brought a certain dynamic to the show and relationships of the characters on the show, but in the end we find out the reason why he was such a fuck: he was too messed up from his own personal tragedies and was projecting onto the Doctor and Clara.

I'm OK with the Doctor thinking the Doctor is not a good person, and I'm even OK with Clara going along with that, but to allow Danny to say the shit he said to the Doctor. Danny is a fuck. The Doctor has saved countless lives across time and space and has sacrificed everything to do so, and Clara fucking knows that, and Danny does his bullshit officer spiel.

It infuriated me every single time and Clara's handling of the entire situation made me stop watching the show for the last month and a half although it didn't become crystal clear to me until watching the finale.

Series 8 has been a lot of wasted potential for Clara and for the Doctor's relationship with her, and even though there were some high points and it was nowhere near as bad as the first half of Series 7, it is just incredibly underwhelming.

I hate to sound like a fanboy, but if Moffat doesn't have the inspiration or ability to write the material the way it needs to be written, then it certainly seems like it is time to hand it over.

Without reading about the exact limits, I'll go out on a limb and say that the first six series of Doctor Who and the associated specials are fantastic. Life-changing, top-notch sci-fi, incredible relationships, heroism, sacrifice, feels, etc.

Series 7 first half blew. Series 7 second half was a return to form, but lagged in the memory of 7 first half. The specials continued to be good, and Series 8 seems like it's going through the motions.

I thought for a while there that I had outgrown Doctor Who in the way I sometimes will outgrow certain things (for instance, I outgrew Power Rangers when I was 10 or so), but that's pretty ridiculous because I haven't outgrown PLENTY (in fact, Power Rangers is pretty much the only thing I can recall outgrowing. . . ). I still watch cartoons, I'm still a kid at heart, I still love "Little Nemo in Slumberland" for crying out loud. I recently had occasion to go back and watch old episodes of Doctor Who, and it still moved me in the exact same way as before. I haven't outgrown Doctor Who, Doctor Who has gone down in quality.

It's disgusting to think about. It's not the train-wreck that Amazing Spider-Man 2 was, but it has been derailed and I grow increasingly worried for the future of the show.

And are we not going to get the acknowledgement that this Doctor still has a crush on Clara and the reason he changed into an old man was because he wanted to prevent anything from happening between the two of them? There's a reason why he was so antagonistic towards Danny, even before Danny revealed himself as a fuck.

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