Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thoughts on Zelda 2014-2015

First, I love the Legend of Zelda. My only tattoo is a Triforce and my next tattoo will probably be heart containers. That said, the upcoming Zelda for the Wii U (2015) marks the first time since the Gamecube that I've owned a current Nintendo system when a Zelda game came out.

I've made a playlist of the current game footage and will update it when I see new videos:

Anyway, to my thoughts.

GORGEOUS. This is a seriously beautiful game that looks to be the pinnacle of all Zelda games to date. I loved the comment, "real horses don't usually run into trees" and I love the scope and size of the world. 

I hope that there will be some fast-travel built in, but I am STOKED to explore this world. 

Zelda fans have a lot to be happy about. Right now there's Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros satisfying your non-traditional Zelda urges. I personally love Hyrule Warriors (I've always loved the Dynasty Warriors games, and this is as refined a version of those games as I've ever seen; mindless but fun); the weakest part of the game is the main campaign, especially shoehorning Ganon into it, but the depth and number of the Adventure Maps is freaking awesome. 

I haven't gotten to play more than the demo of the 3DS Smash, but I'm sure I'll be getting the Wii U version for Christmas, so I am excited for that, and then we have the 3DS update to Majora's Mask right around the corner!


Not to mention DLC for Hyrule Warriors along the way. 

Good time to be a Zelda fan!