Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015: WotA, short stories, mathematics, consulting,

You may be questioning a 2015 blog on one of the last days of January but you'll be OK, manage your inner naysayer.

In 2014, I worked about 4000 hours. It was by far my most successful year even though I felt like I was only treading water. Writing had to be put on the back burner in lieu of day-job career opportunities . . . which were actually writing jobs, but that's besides the point. Now that those projects are complete, writing has come back to the forefront.

I've been writing a lot the last few weeks and I'm about ready to start fresh. I'm not going to give any deadlines until a particular work is ready-to-print, but a new year is a good time for goals and the like, so here we go. 

First, premiering here will be what I am tentatively calling WotA Weekly. At least once a week, I will be writing on some facet of the world of War of the Ages and publishing on this very blog; this could be something concerning the setting, the bestiary, flash fiction, etc. I've written the first two and once I've written a few more I will start putting these out multiple times a week. My goal is to write 50 over the course of the entire year; once I've put out about 8 of them, they will usually be published on Fridays. 

Second, there are going to be a lot of short stories this year. I've written a few and once they go through the editing phase, the beta phase, and the shop-around-to-a-couple-different-zines phase, I'll be releasing them to buy on Amazon et al. Some stories will be posted for free on Smashwords (although it takes a while for Amazon to price-match, so stay updated and informed by subscribing to my mailing list). Eventually, there will be collections and the like also.You can expect stand-alone horror, sci-fi, and fantasy stories as well as stories exploring more of already established worlds.

I'm releasing the next section that was planned for Zero's Mathematics soon, but after that I will be retooling future math books and starting fresh. After my experience in curriculum design this last year along with what teachers have approached me to ask for in my math books, the current format needs to be drastically altered to fit what makes sense to me now. I will also be experimenting with producing workbooks for classrooms this year. 

Please note that I am available for consulting and professional development concerning the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Rates vary, but please feel free to query me with "CCSS" or "Common Core" or "math education" in the subject line and we can discuss what you need.

I'm also available for consulting on publishing, although this is last on my list of priorities.

I'd like to start adding a lot more art, both from my own pen and others. I have a lot more experience with the legal aspects now and feel confident that I will soon be opening up submissions as TFP. 

You may have noticed that I don't include advertisements on the page and that I've stopped with the Amazon Affiliate links. For the time being, I will continue to work this way, but I am planning on starting to use Google AdSense sometime this summer as a trial run and see how it works out. Hopefully, it will get to the point where I can take those ads back off the site, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up now.

Thank you for your support; please leave comments and questions below.