Friday, January 30, 2015

WotA Weekly #1: Fae-Killers

Hi folks, here's the first of my new blog series. I decided to focus on WotA's versions of leprechauns and redcaps as it illustrates how WotA digests old myths and legends.

There have been many revolts and rebellions of fae throughout the ages; one variety of fae that had previously always been overlooked by Oberon and the Faerie Councils were the leprechauns.

Blindingly fast, the revolt of the leprechauns was the first that actually broke through the defenses of Oberon's Castle to threaten Oberon directly . . . this was perhaps not the best course of action for the diminutive fae.

Until he was attacked directly, Oberon allowed the Faerie Councils to handle the revolt as part of their day-to-day management of the Faerie Realms; in fact, he was never even aware of the revolt until being attacked and stabbed by the invading force.

Oberon instantly annihilated the leprechauns throughout his castle with no more than a passing thought.

Leprechauns are strange creatures. So long as you witness them, they will chat amicably and move no faster or slower than you would expect as they try to deceive you into turning your head. Once your eyes are away, they seem to move faster than thought. On top of that, leprechauns were masters of camouflage and excellent at blending in to their surroundings. The speed of leprechauns is also affected by displays of faith. During the middle ages, humans avoided predation by leprechauns through quoting bible verses.

Some believe that the speed of leprechauns is not speed but quantum wave form. So long as they are in sight, their wave form is collapsed in a single location, but once they are unobserved, they can choose any of the possible locations within sight to collapse to instantaneously.

Leprechauns have measured their own speeds in excess of hundreds of miles per hour; some believe that this is a gross exaggeration but there are those that believe it is misinformation and that their true speeds are impossibly high.

For the leprechauns, drawing Oberon's ire was the worst possible outcome of their revolt. Oberon possesses a form of omniscience within the borders of Fae. From his castle, he can focus his attention and observe anything and everything that he chooses to. At the point of his stabbing, he focused his attention on all the leprechauns of the Faerie Realms.

Across the realms, leprechauns began to be murdered as their opponents discovered they lacked the speed of their race for as long as Oberon observed them. The total loss was in the millions.

Eventually, the survivors approached Oberon's Castle in fealty. The penalties Oberon imposed were severe.

Leprechauns were forced to wear brilliant scarlet outfits and red hats to aide others in seeing them. The second penalty was considered almost blasphemous by the other fae in that leprechauns were forced to wear boots shod in cold iron to simultaneously make every step they would ever take painful and to slow and hamper their abilities. Finally, leprechauns were forbidden from ever joining the Seelie or Unseelie Councils and ever meeting in groups.

The leprechauns fled from the center of the realms and took to haunting remote locations that were abandoned by other fae. Their hatred of the other fae only grew with their punishment, which continued with every generation. When the opportunity presented itself, they killed indiscriminately, and used the blood of their enemies as dye for their hats and clothes. They began to be known as redcaps.

Millennia passed, and although the population of redcaps never approached the levels that existed before the revolt, something else came to pass. They began to develop a resistance to cold iron.

Leprechauns traveled across the realms to harvest cold iron in greater quantities and began fashioning iron pikes to better kill other fae. They used star silver buckles on their shoes to counteract the remaining cold iron around them and began murdering fae in greater quantities.

They are nearly always solitary creatures, although when encountered away from the Faerie Realms they do not fear meeting others of their kind and working together to kill as many fae as they can find. Their thirst for blood is no longer restrained to killing other fae and they prey on any creatures that present weakness.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you liked the first WotA Weekly. Let me know what you thought and if you have any questions about anything!