Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Wow! What a great week for my fandoms. First, Netflix announces a Legend of Zelda series, and now SPIDER-MAN IS SAVED . . .

Let's start with the news before we break it down.

Marvel has officially announced that Spidey will be making an appearance in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film before the next still-Sony-produced stand-alone Spider-Man film in 2017.

There's been no news about which film (although it's pretty obvious), no news about what actor or incarnation of Spider-Man it will be, and no news about future crossovers, although they have gone on record as saying they are exploring opportunities to integrate characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) into future Spider-Man films.

So that's all the news there is to be had beyond some additional quotes. Let's start with some analysis.

As far as which film it will be, it's about 99.9% guaranteed to be Civil War.

Reasons: First, Kevin Feige, the god-like producer of the MCU, has stated that he wants Spider-Man for the Civil War storyline. We were having Black Panther set up to take the Spider-Man role in Civil War, and I'm sure there will still be some of that remaining, but now Feige gets Spider-Man.

There have been lots of talk about Spider-Man showing up in an end credits scene somewhere, and I'm not saying that won't happen, but the deal is for one crossover at the moment. An end credits scene still counts as a crossover. They would need to have an additional deal worked out for that. They're not going to blow the one crossover on an end credits scene.

So, then the question comes to why Civil War and not some other film? We have a time limit, the crossover has to happen between now and the July 2017 Spidey film. According to Marvel's slate, that means it could be Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (already finished), Ant-Man (also already finished), Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and possibly Thor: Ragnarok (depending on how they massage the release dates of Spidey/Thor).

Since it's not going to be Avengers 2 or Ant-Man (although if an end-credit scene will exist, then Ant-Man is the logical choice to lead into Civil War), it's not going to be Doctor Strange since that would steal the thunder of a new character and Spidey doesn't exactly mesh that strongly with Strange. It's not going to be GotG2 because of space, and it's not going to be Thor because of both the timing of the film and the fact that it's Thor, extra-dimensional/space alien Thor with half the film taking place off-Earth.

I'm not saying that Spidey doesn't go along with these other films, but for a first crossover film, it doesn't make sense. That leaves Civil War as the only likely choice.

So it's going to be Civil War and possibly having a very large role as he did in the comic Civil War. Spidey in the comic basically served as the reader, going back and forth between the sides of Stark and Rogers.

So then what about Andrew Garfield? There's been reports that it's "confirmed" he won't be playing Spider-Man again, but well, it hasn't been confirmed. It's a rumor at the moment. So far, people are saying the Wrap confirmed it, but the Wrap is not Marvel or Sony or Andrew Garfield.

Does it surprise me? No, not really. Marvel has stated they didn't want Andrew Garfield, even though Sony wants him. What gives me hesitation is the fact that the rights are not going back to Marvel. It's a collaboration, not a sell. This means that Sony is still going to be making Spider-Man films.

Now, the current state of the Amazing Spider-Man universe is a big hot mess, so I'm not surprised they want a clean slate. Honestly, it could go either way at the moment. If they reboot the Spider-Man franchise again, at least we can be 84% confident that it won't be another origin story and will start out with an established Spider-Man (since an established Spider-Man will be appearing in the MCU).

So my thoughts: Spidey will be appearing in Civil War, I place him being Andrew Garfield at 49%. If it's a new Spidey, then I'd say there's a 60% chance it will be Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker . . . although, the Sony execs were accused of being racist and this is the Civil War storyline, so let me change that prediction to 25% chance for Miles Morales. And the new Spidey film will most likely not be an origin story.

So what do you guys think? Agree with my predictions? Have some of your own? What are your thoughts on Andrew Garfield leaving vs. staying?

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