Sunday, February 1, 2015

WotA Weekly #2: Space Demons

Ready for another WotA Weekly? This week, I'm tackling the "world" offworld.

Some basic cosmology to start: Ao is both the name of the central world of War of the Ages and the name for the entirety of the universe encompassing this world. Planet Ao is an alternate Earth and most of the series takes place in the far-future after magick comes back into the world.

Leading up to magick's return, the "race" of creatures calling themselves galateans, sapient/sentient robots, warred with mankind across the planet and throughout the space colonies. By this time, war with the galateans was one of the only things the space colonies shared in common with humans on planet. The space colonies had long since cut off contact with humans planetside and held themselves above the incessant wars raging across the planet. Not until galatean incursion into space did the colonies wage war.

They learned quickly.

The colonists turned their attention from terraforming and genetics to war. Still, when possible, treaties and ceasefires were made. In the same way that space humans held themselves to a higher standard than those planetside, galateans living in space did not feel the urgent desire to destroy and enslave the humans that their planetary brethren did. So far from their leader, the galts felt free to do as they wished.

By the year 3000, the galts and humans in space had a tentative peace worked out between them, although border disputes and raids were not uncommon. Galts could live in places otherwise inhospitable to all but the most genetically altered humans, so territory became less of an issue.

Then there was the Devastation. The seal was destroyed and billions died. Magick rushed back into the world. Gravitational energies erupted across the universe, crashing and destroying many colonies outright. Some human colonies attempted to return to Ao in order to help their ancestors after the Devastation.

The new magicks and unexpected animosity of the galateans upon their return, along with Ao's already limited spacefaring abilities meant that the returning colonists would never again see space.

Offworld, the return of the sealed away subRealms and magick meant entire civilizations returned to the outreaches of space. Here they had to contend with unexpected terraforming and humans where humans never lived before. Space dragons, much more powerful than terrestrial dragons and somewhat insulated from the Lessenings as well, attempted to bring order to the chaos and act as mediators between the civilizations.

Space returned to relative peace even as the Galatean-Draconic war waged for millennia. Finally, near 10,000 AD, a dimensional accident sundered the fabric of the universe and provided unfettered access to the Realm of Ao from the Nether Realms.

The planet of Ao remained mostly insulated through the powers of Yggdrasil, Wochirden, and the powerful Aegis surrounding the planet, but the Aegis in space was threadbare. Untold multitudes of demons erupted through the fabric of the cosmos without lessening to assault the remaining human colonies and returned alien civilizations.

Darkness swept across the solar system and beyond, as ever greater demon lords required greater and greater distances from the Aegis of Ao to avoid lessening. For every living creature in space though, human, galatean, lycanthrope, Jovian super worm, and more, dozens of lesser demons were there to assault them.

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