Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WotA Weekly #3: The Creation of the Multiverse

The creation story for WotA parallels classic mythology that usually start something along the lines of "in the beginning, there was darkness". The WotA creation story starts something like,

Before the beginning of time, there was magick.

Magick is the stuff of existence, its matter and energy and the fabric of the cosmos itself. It's everywhere. If you read into the Big Bang/Inflaton Theory, you see that the four fundamental forces were once one force and split off shortly after the beginning of time. For WotA's history, magick behaved similarly:

Over the aeons, magick polarized and separated into the aether and the nether. 

Most people consider aether to be the "North" or "positive" pole of magick while nether is the "South" or "negative" pole.

The magicks began to precipitate and eventually the Aether Realms and Nether Realms coalesced.

Although this time is referred to by most scholars as the age of the biverse, in truth, the original universe encompassed both the Aether Realms and the Nether Realms; this origin universe came to be known as the Astral Realm and is the origin of true water.

In the Aether Realms, trillions of Dragon-Gods ruled over the Realms and the aether creatures that lived there peacefully, coexisting with one another.

In the Nether Realms, the singular Great Demon Lord abandoned the multitudes of creatures that revered it. Their anarchic freedom swiftly turned to violence.

The Dragon-Gods had their hands full ruling over the Aether Realms and so did not turn their attention elsewhere.

The Great Demon Lord of the Nether turned its gaze outwards.

Eventually, the Great Demon Lord was able to create the first Raemgis, a breach in the fabric of the cosmos enabling travel between the Realms.

The Demon Lord crossed over.

The first war is known as the Everlasting War. It lasted for billions of years and consisted of the sole Demon Lord fighting all of dragonkind.

Eventually, the Dragon-Gods realized they could not win.

They constructed an Apocalypse Engine; they would use the very fabric of their Realms as a weapon against the Great Demon Lord.

When it finally was completed, one instant's destruction rivaled billions of years of the Everlasting War.

The Great Demon Lord was destroyed on an atomic scale as the Aether Realms death knell rang across existence.

The newly Lessened creatures that would come to be known as dragons fled to their carefully crafted ark. The Apocalypse Engine was not just a destroyer of worlds, it was an unveiling of them. The fabric of the Aether Realms mixed through the subatomic particles of the demon erupted in the space between the Aether and Nether and the Multiverse came into existence.

Those dragons that survived fled across the multitude of realms, never suspecting that the subatomic particles of the Great Demon Lord would ever trouble them again, but creating a new Apocalypse Engine within the realm of Ao—the Last Sanctuary.

The Apocalypse Engine was bathed in molten adamantium and the planet Ao created to cradle it throughout time in case it was ever needed again.

The dragons in their arrogance summoned forth water from the Astral Realm. They lost control, water spread out across the multiverse, killing the native creatures of the Astral Realm and pulling the primordial beast, Leviathan, known to some as Cthulhu, to Ao.  Enraged and driven insane by the loss of her children and home, she pledged the destruction of all draconic creation, the destruction of the multiverse.

The Apocalypse Engine at the center of the planet of Ao, Wochan, created the beings known as titans out of the planet to serve and protect it. As dragons brought forth new life across the multiverse, Yggdrasil sprouted around Wochan, spreading throughout the world of Ao.

So that covers the beginning of time through the creation of the multiverse up to about 4.5 billion years ago. I left a lot out of course. Questions, thoughts and more in the comments below. Thanks for reading!