Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WotA Weekly: Yggdrasil

Hi folks! Today we're talking about the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

Traditionally, Yggdrasil holds in its branches all of the realms of Norse mythology. In War of the Ages, Yggdrasil latched onto the draconic magicks used to try to jump-start life across the multiverse.

Absorbing far more magick than the dragons were willing to use, Yggdrasil grew exponentially from Wochirden, the core of the planet Ao.

Yggdrasil grew in all directions, but especially towards the North and South Poles of the planet. Erupting from those continents (in WotA, there is a continent at the North Pole), Yggdrasil grew to pierce the sky, nearly one hundred miles above the planet on both poles.

The World Tree strengthened the Aegis of Ao and was responsible for nearly 50% of the world's supply of oxygen. It's oxygen-producing abilities are so great that animals and races are able to live in its uppermost branches on the edge of space with little difficulty.

Indeed, the size of the World Tree, greater than any mountain and inspiring the awe one feels when first witnessing the ocean, means that to many creatures living in its boughs and burrowing into its trunk, the World Tree *is* a world unto itself. There are entire civilizations living within the tree that never venture out into Ao proper.

A pool surrounds the World Tree on both poles, however both are more akin to a sea than a pool.

The North Pole branch of Yggdrasil is known as the Tree of Life and is the sometimes home of the manifestation of Polaris. The South Pole branch of Yggdrasil is known as the Tree of Wisdom and is home to Ziz as well as countless rocs.

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