Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why does "Holy Knight" suck so bad?

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I've been playing around with restructuring this blog, and trying to refine it so that it's something that I would like to go to as much as I actually want to write for it. This is why I've been doing the WotA Weekly's and did a huge push of posts in February. WotA Weekly is going to be once a week (on Fridays), and I'm also going to do some sort of math post once a week, and for the last thing . . .

Well, the number one thing the internet seems to regularly fail at when I go to look for information is reviews and recommendations on anime. It's hard to find a source that you actually trust. So I figure, I can be a source that is at least consistent. So here's my first look at "Holy Knight", the dub is available on Crunchyroll if you want to check it out (although . . . well, you probably shouldn't support this kind of content)

Holy knights? Vampires? Cat/wolf creatures? count me in!

Oh crap, what a terrible, terrible mistake.

What's Holy Knight? It's a disaster, but a thankfully short disaster.

There are two episodes up on Crunchyroll, and from everything I can find these are the ONLY episodes.

I'm not against dubs; I completely agree that Japanese voice actors are usually *much* better than American, but the American dubs aren't always bad. This is a bad dub.

Even if this wasn't a dub, Holy Knight would be stupid. The story starts out with some promise, but quickly becomes absurd. The characters are stupid with stupid motivations if you even think of any motivations. The fan service is rapey.

The main character is a strigoi (which kudos for picking a monster that most people aren't aware of), but then goes on to say that it's just a vampire, and needs to copulate with the last heir of a vampire hunter family, then kill the heir and the child to bathe in their blood.

Why is never really explained. She appears to already be a strigoi, so it's not like she needs to awaken her powers or anything.

It's just really, really stupid.

She has no personality and is stereotypically the "cold" anime character but for no freaking reason. At least most tsundere characters are sympathetic or empathetic, she's just an idiot.

I can't recommend that you stay away from Holy Knight enough. Besides the somewhat OK art, it's unoriginal without any reward to watching whatsoever, and with terrible English acting. Also, there's no real ending. It feels like episode 2 of an entire series, not the last episode of an OVA.

And this is coming from someone that is admittedly biased towards demons, vampires, knights and the lot. I eat that crap up and ask for more. My bias is the only reason I was even able to continue watching the show.

Anyway, have you seen Holy Knight? If so, what did you think? Are there any anime you want me to check out and review? I have access to Netflix and Crunchyroll for possible anime. The way this will work is I'm going to prioritize anime that are airing right now or just came out, and every once in a while will go back and do older shows.

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