Thursday, September 24, 2015

Doctor Who Series Premiere

So, my trepidation over another episode of Doctor Who finally ended last night with my watching the DVR'ed episode.

It was alright.

There were parts of it I really, really liked.

The whole thing with the meet-up with the Doctor felt super, super awkward. But I sorta' think that it was supposed to.

I didn't like what they did with Bors. After the prequel episode, I was hoping for a King Arthur storyline somewhere (Sir Bors is one of the Grail Knights and the knight that returned Caliburn/Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake; I don't think it's strange to hope for the Bors when you have a knight named Bors in a show like Doctor Who). Maybe it still will end up as that Bors is the Bors, but it seems unlikely with how they ended his parts.

And Doctor Who REALLY needs to get away from the news clips when there is a world crisis. Sheesh, how many episodes have they done the exact same thing? It's beyond old. I didn't like it the first time they did it, let alone what ever umpteenth time this is.

All in all, I was OK with everything, but it really should have been a 2 hour premiere. I'll be surprised if the things that happened keep at all, so it just felt very cheap.

Maybe Marvel has inured me to the "he's dead! but obviously not dead" trope. There's a way to do it properly that feels natural. The way it's being done nowadays in movies and shows just feels lazy and akin to a jump scare. And maintaining that over the course of a multi-episode arc is even worse.

The way they did it with Jack back in Series 1 of Doctor Who was an example of how to bring back a character correctly. This just feels lazy.

My opinion about the showrunner really hasn't changed. I always thought his stories were some of the best, and that first series he was in charge of I enjoyed immensely, but since then the quality has dropped off sharply.

Maybe Doctor Who is a victim of its own success?

Anyway, have you seen it? What do you think?
Warning: comments may contain spoilers.

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