Sunday, September 27, 2015

Doctor Who: The Witch's Familiar

This episode dovetailed with episode 1 of the series (Magician's Apprentice) and really reinforced my earlier opinion that they should have been a 2-hour premiere.

"The Witch's Familiar" successfully fixed most of the issues from the first episode and didn't suffer from the same pacing issues either.

As I've mentioned many times in these reflections on Doctor Who, I'm not sure if the lack is entirely the writing and direction of the show or if maybe I have become more jaded. Watching old episodes still has an effect on me that the new episodes can't hope to meet.

But this episode felt like it should have had that effect. There was a worthwhile build up, Doctorisms and Davrosisms, and even the Master being delightfully Master-y. And a callback to Clara's first episode even.

I genuinely enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the remainder of the present series.

So what about you? Have you seen this week's offering? What did you think? Do you think the current series has a lack that Series 1-6 did not or am I just imagining things?

Watch for spoilers in the comments.

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