Monday, September 14, 2015

Successful writing

The way I see things now, I can start to strongly supplement my lifestyle with my writings.

My writing had already led to me getting the greatest job I've ever had, and even though it's ended, I feel that there is more I should take away from the incredible opportunity I earned. I currently am earning royalties on two books that I myself authored, have published and are available for sale. People all over the world buy my books. But all of those people combined aren't going to keep buying the same books over and over again just to give me a couple dollars a month. I need to continue to produce material for the people that do call me one of their favorite authors or for the people that my writing has positively affected.

Being able to buy pizza from my royalties or paying a bill or two is no longer something that I am happy about. To jumpstart my life, I've estimated that my goal should be to write the equivalent of 6 novels a year.

This is all writing mind you, including the writing you're reading at this very second, along with rewrites and edits and everything else. Everything helps after all, and if I'm not producing purchasable material, I am at least writing and practicing my craft.

6 fantasy novels would be about 600,000 words on average (although novels in general tend to clock in around 50K, fantasy is regularly 100K+), so 600,000 words a year.

50K a month, which is NaNo's goal also.

For someone writing as their job, this should be nothing. 50K a month is about 1700 a day, which is no more than 210 words an hour.

Now, I know there is writer's block and research and everything else. But I think that's more than reasonable as long as you allow some days will be writing more and some days will be writing less.

For instance, if you subtract weekends right off the bat, then that leaves about 260 days in the year. That bumps us up to 2310 words a day and 290 words an hour.

And if we assume we can only dedicate 20 hours a week instead of 40? Then that's 580 words an hour, which is all of a sudden manageable in short bursts, but probably not consistently if you count research, marketing, editing, page design and all the rest that goes into writing that is not itself the act of putting words to paper.

But I've just written about 500 words in twenty minutes, so then maybe that's not too much to ask?

I've come out of a long tunnel and I am starting to see again. It may be that I will fail, but I won't fail from not trying. I will keep on.

Thank you for your support,