Monday, October 26, 2015

"Comet Lucifer" — A Jack of All Trades?

3 Episode Rule

I was really hoping Comet Lucifer would be amazing. It seemed to have the potential, but I got too annoyed after the 3rd episode to feel like completing this one I'm sorry to say.

This show was everywhere. The protagonist characters (that true-to-anime-form all moved in together) were so cutesy and fluffy that I thought this show was going one way, and then the villain characters were so far off the deep end of insanity that they were unrecognizable as being part of the same show. If the show was one way or the other, it would have been a lot better in my opinion, but even that isn't why I'm quitting the show.

In the 3rd episode, which is about the first episode after the set-up for the anime, the protagonists had the idiot ball wayyyy too much for me to be able to watch them endanger themselves for another 9-21 episodes.

So pacing issues—not only not resolved from the first episode, but escalated to the point of incredulity—characters acting stupid to advance action scenes/"plot", and a failure of the show to know itself and be that, all tell me that I will not be checking this anime series out again.

How about you? What did you think of the first 3 episodes of the show? If it's been a while since they've come out, have you seen the rest of the cour? Any good?