Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Announcement: Reviews

There's a rule of thumb in anime that you should give a series 3 episodes before making a judgement. I'm not sure if this says more about the creators or about the fandom, but I've decided to begin doing this with all of the anime I can get my hands on. After watching a few episodes, I'll let you know my thoughts and if I'll be continuing the series, and after watching the entire series (or first season), I'll post reviews. If any particular episode is especially amazing, I'll also be posting reviews of that. Same thing goes for television series, but instead of "all", I'll amend that to the ones that look interesting.

This is all part of a new direction I'll be taking the blog in (while continuing in the other directions also). I'll add a section to the Apocalypse Designs website to archive old reviews, and will go back and populate it with the few reviews I've done already. Frankly, I don't have any reliable source of anime reviews, so it's something that I wish someone else had done before me. The TV series part will just be another excuse for content I suppose, not to mention something that I've been doing (and one of the most popular parts of the blog to be honest).

And before anyone comments, I realize there are anime reviews out there, and I don't want to offend anyone that has a particular favorite, but those anime reviews that I've encountered are either unreliable or don't post often, and I'm done wading through trying to find anime reviews while avoiding spoilers when it only takes 70-100 minutes to follow the accepted rule of thumb.

I usually try out a few series every week, so I don't think we'll have trouble posting every week.

I'm a subscriber to Crunchyroll and Netflix, so that's where I'll be predominantly populating the reviews from, but if there are anime available elsewhere legally, then I'll try to seek out more anime when I can.

Most of my reviews will focus on subtitled anime (called subs) as the Japanese voice actors are just better actors. I suspect it's a cultural difference. But if I can't find a sub for a particular anime or if I am trying out the anime while doing something else, then I may have comments for the dub as well.

If I start to attract some traffic, I'm interested in doing YouTube reviews also, but I expect those will be a supplementary addition and few and far between. Recording voiceovers and editing video for YouTube is a bit too involved.

So, in summary:
Reviews of anime and TV are coming, along with the occasional movie, video game or app.

Types of reviews will include episodes, series/season premieres, 3-5 episode rule of thumb judgements (which I really need a better way of saying), and season/series reviews.

I hope you'll also bear with me for the occasional essay/reflection on the pop culture I've been consuming and its themes.

I'll start with content that is "new to me", but I'll periodically take the time to revisit anime that I've previously watched as well.
I hope you enjoy what's to come. The first series I'll be doing a 3-5 episode rule of thumb on is Accel World. Expect it shortly.

Thank you. Please let me know what you think of the new content!

Oh! And let me know if there are any anime series you'd like me to check out.