Saturday, November 21, 2015

3 Episodes of Jessica Jones

Halfway through the first episode of Jessica Jones and I realize I'm ruined for Supergirl.

I'm not even going to attempt a review of Supergirl now. Something had been holding me back from doing a first impression review and then a 3 episode review and I realize now it's that the show is underwhelming. The promise of Superman style adventures was the only thing that kept my attention. I love Superman content and I love the idea of Supergirl, but the show was "ehh". I may write an article comparing it to Jessica Jones in the future, but I don't even know if I'll continue that show now.

Contrast this with Jessica Jones, a character I think I maybe have heard of in some Spider-Man comics, but otherwise have no exposure to. Within ten minutes I was riveted to the screen. Within a half hour, I was pissed off at every other superhero television show I'd ever seen for not being half as good as what I was watching, and within the space of one episode, I realized that Jessica Jones was something I'd never seen before.

Simply-stated, the show is stellar. Possibly better than the Marvel movies, let alone any of the television shows from Marvel or DC.

It has a noir feel to the first episode especially, but this feeling persists to a lesser extent through everything I've seen so far.

The character of Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) is one of the best written female characters I've ever seen in television or cinema. She's written as a strong character, not a strong female character, and the fact that this is so noticeable makes you realize that most female characters are written females first. Jessica is a PI suffering from PTSD that has seen and done some shit, with a certain level of moral ambiguity, suffering with complex emotions and motivations. Her relationship with Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) is especially interesting.

Did you see that picture up there? Now imagine him without a shirt. Because he's without his shirt a surprising amount of times (although Google's failed me at the moment . . . I don't understand how this show can have been out for the last 24 hours and the Internet isn't swarmed with images of Mike Colter without a shirt on). The guy is ridiculously good-looking.

Ridiculously. And he's clearly not one-dimensional either (in fact, he sticks out pretty impressively in three-dimensions; OK, I'll stop objectifying). He's dealt with some stuff and he has a past and his interest in Jessica maybe begins straightforwardly (on his side), but once they realize they're both dealing with someone that has powers, let's just say that their courting gets turned up to 11.

And oh my god, David Tennant. Doctor fucking Who! What a great actor to play such a despicable villain as Kilgrave.

I'm only three episodes into the show. But I'd hold these three episodes up to any 150 minutes of any other superhero content, and really, up to any other show I've ever seen. We're talking making it into the all-time best list here.

And I don't want you to get the wrong impression. It's really good.

Really good. You should watch it.

This review got written in something like 30 minutes because I don't want to wait to watch another episode.

P.S. In case anyone hasn't heard of this show; the comic book images above are what the characters look like in the comic books; the show is live-action. Also, it's available on Netflix RIGHT NOW—why aren't you watching it already? 

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