Friday, February 12, 2016

DEADPOOL!!!!! Movie Review

Deadpool is here! WHOO!

My fiancee has been pretty in love with Deadpool for years and it remains the only comic I can get her to read (Also, she's done some genderbent Deadpool cosplay HERE). (And of course her cosplay has gotten more views than the last two months of my blog) so needless to say the Deadpool movie has been a topic of conversation ever since the test footage leaked.

No need to worry about spoilers here and I can promise that some of the funniest parts of the movie remain firmly in the movie and not in the trailers (although in hindsight if Deadpool was like Captain America or the Avengers I would have been pissed I saw the trailers). I'll leave the decision up to you. Redband Trailer:

If you're not sure who Deadpool is. He's a Marvel comic book character that tagged along with the X-Men over to Fox movie studios (so no chance of him showing up in Avengers or Spider-Man). He's kinda' like an R-rated Spider-Man with Wolverine's healing factor.  He's a smartass and annoys everyone (heroes and villains) and doesn't really care about saving the day. He's also batshit crazy and thinks he's in a comic book (or in this case, movie). So he'll comment on things like how attractive Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman are and how Fox Studios can't afford more than two X-Men.

This movie is simple and straightforward, although it breaks it up by cutting up action with flashbacks. As far as origin stories go, it was really nice to not have an hour of set-up and an hour of action, but instead to have action interspersed throughout.

This movie is FUNNY. I think that was the most I laughed in any movie and there were like four times where I thought I was going to pass out.

It's not the Avengers and it's not Superman. It's nowhere near the scale of those movies, but the action is great and you actually get to see the results of superheroes using their abilities on each other (and on regular humans) in Rated R fashion. Deadpool is hilarious throughout, and Wade Wilson before Deadpool isn't exactly a straight man.

Colossus was a great foil for Deadpool and serves as the upright, this-is-how-you-superhero character for Deadpool.

Overall, the movie was hilarious and the action was good. The plot was personal more than epic, but it served the character and the film overall. If I were to nitpick, it would be to say that it seemed like Weasel broke the fourth wall a couple times—not, look at the camera level of breakage, but making a joke that wouldn't be a joke without the fourth wall. Deadpool is able to break the fourth wall because he's crazy and everyone else in the story is supposed to look at Deadpool and go, "who are you talking to?" or "what are you talking about?" Weasel shouldn't be breaking the fourth wall.

Have you seen it yet? What are you waiting for? Go watch!

(By the way, the film is rated R and it definitely earns the rating. They swear regularly and with diversity and the action is bloody with dismemberment, decapitation, etc. If you're easily offended, maybe wait for Cap in April).

Make sure you stay through the entire credits. Another scene at the end.

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