Friday, March 18, 2016

Captain America Civil War with Spider-Man Fan Theory and Its Ramifications

Hey guys!

I recently posted my hopes for the new Captain America Civil War movie based on a single image from the trailer:

It was so rundown that it cast some doubt on my theory that this kitchen Cap is standing in is Peter Parker's, but wait, there's ANOTHER PHOTO:

This photo is from Entertainment Weekly from a while ago and went under my radar, but it's so brightly lit that I think it is more confirmation that this apartment is in fact Peter and his aunt's. In the days immediately following my last post, I found several sites outright saying that this image from Entertainment Weekly was confirmed to be Peter Parker's kitchen, but I haven't been able to find those again since then, so I'm not sure if those things were reined back or if they were more things like this, random musings of fans that won't make the top page of Google unless they're in the middle of going viral.

Anyway, so if this is Peter's kitchen, then that means Cap is saying, "There's no need for this to end in a fight, Spider-Man"! not, "There's no need for this to end in a fight, Tony."

In reality, he probably doesn't end the sentence with Spidey's name, because it's a bit clunky writing-wise. But still, the fact of the matter is that Captain America is standing in Peter Parker's kitchen.

So what does this mean for the web-head?

I think it means he's poor. Like really poor, not just movie poor like he has been in the last two iterations of the character on the big screen.

2002's Aunt May (played by Rosemary Harris) was clearly retired and living on a fixed income. It was played to comedic effect in the bank scene in Spider-Man 2, and Peter may have never been well off living with a retired individual, but they really didn't seem to struggle like we see Peter do in the comics.

2012's Aunt May (played by the wonderful Sally Field) may have been working class, but have you seen their house? That's a nice bloody house. Uncle Ben probably had a union job of some sort. They were doing OK. And they managed to continue doing OK afterwards. Sally Field started taking classes to become a nurse, but these things always seemed secondary to the setting and never that pressing in the way money is a pressing concern.

Hell, in both Spider-Man movies, Peter Parker is able to rapidly develop cosplay that would cost quite a lot to make/buy yourself. It's not cheap to look that good.

I think more than ever before, we're going to see a Peter Parker that is struggling to stay afloat economically. A kid that has serious concerns about money and the cost that he imposes on his aunt.

I'd go on to say that the reason why Tony Stark refers to Spider-Man as "underoos" is because he's probably been trying to fight crime in something resembling pajamas and not an actual suit. The first time they meet, Tony Stark is probably going to comment on that because Tony is a jackass.

And how long would it take Tony to work something up in his laboratories to fit Spidey? That's the suit we see in the trailer (and even more reason why revealing it in the trailer was the perfect way to do it). That is Spidey standing undeniably alongside Marvel with the current symbol of Marvel in Cap's shield and not some poor kid that can't make a halfway decent Spider-Man suit that we will inevitably encounter first.

So yeah, I am so looking forward to seeing Spidey on the big screen, but even more I am looking forward to Cap talking with Spidey. Being a role-model for Spidey. Cap understands economic hardships. No matter which universe you go off, he was born in the 20s and lived through the Great Depression. He's been to war. He's dealt with hunger. Cap grew up in Brooklyn and Spidey grew up in Queens. They can relate.

When Captain America needs your help, there's no better reason. Cap's influence on Spidey cannot be understated. And Cap showing up in his kitchen, presumably after his reveal and shield stealing, means so much for the future of this character.

What do you guys think? Does the second picture make it more likely Cap is in Spidey's kitchen? Less? What does it mean to have a poor Spider-Man for the purposes of his character and storyline moving forward? Will Spider-Man receive a stipend from the Avengers? Will Spidey be the linchpin of this movie or merely window dressing? Have I gone on entirely too long about two pictures from slightly different angles in a run-down kitchen? Comment, share, and subscribe!