Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rogue One: A Star War Story Teaser Trailer Review and Thoughts

Here you go:

So that's a thing.

If this came out of nowhere for you, "Rogue One" is a stand-alone Star Wars story—am I the only one that misses the "Star Wars Anthology" tag?—ostensibly about the group of rebels that stole the plans for the Death Star.

Is it a heist film? Is it exploring characters we know and love by retreading their backstory?

No and no.

According to its creators, if it's anything, it's a war film. "Saving Private Ryan" meets "Star Wars" and all that.

This teaser seems to really put the characters first, which I was OK with at first and then we see that scene of rebels charging AT-ATs.


I was sold at that scene.

Is that Forest Whitaker in Fallout Power Armor?

This shot was pretty cool for our purported protagonist Jyn Erso—played by Felicity Jones:

Mon Mothma for the Star Wars geeks (which is everyone alive today, isn't it?)

And who is this mystery guy?

Anyway, I'm no more excited now than I was an hour ago when I didn't know this trailer existed, but it's still great to see an actual trailer.

I was going to complain that this trailer didn't do enough to explain to the average moviegoer that this is a movie set BEFORE Star Wars Ep IV, but I don't think this trailer is for them. We'll get your average moviegoer trailer probably around the second full trailer (and there will probably be spoilers because that's how you hook average moviegoers nowadays—or at least that's what the marketing departments think). This was to show us that Rogue One is a tangible thing that we can look forward to in . . . EIGHT MONTHS! AUGH! WHY SO LONG?!?!?!

There was a lot more in that trailer that was pretty cool. What did you think? What are your favorite parts? What are you curious about?