Thursday, June 2, 2016

War of the Ages — Settings and Timelines

Hi everyone,

I promised I'd share information about the different sort of settings you'll be seeing in the WotA Universe stories coming up. Since the main series is currently abandoned, you'll only be seeing short stories and novellas in that setting (some featuring characters that you know and love of course!).

Let's jump right in with the WotA Main Series setting:

The above is the world as it's known to Val and Uri and their friends (and enemies). Since this art was made, the name has been adjusted to be spelled Ao (because people kept calling it "Llo"). Ao is an alternate Earth, and the Main Series setting takes place around 33,000 AD.

It's high magick with dozens of races and creatures, with travel to other Realms (dimensions as they were known when I was a kid) easier than travel off-planet. The entire world is protected by a magickal barrier that makes it difficult for magickal creatures to enter, but ages of war and magickal forces out of control have made it more accessible than ever to demons. Val grew up in the continent of Morin. Gaia, Yoka, Oyain, Lemuria, and Lujasila are mostly unknown to the rest of the world.

WotA Modern setting
The WotA Modern setting is the world of Ao as it exists concurrently with our time. That is, early 2000s. It shares most of our written history (although legends and myths are normally true and unfortunately science has a tendency to misinterpret what is usually magickal). Most of this can be applied to any WotA story between the Fall of Atlantis and 3000 AD (the Devastation of the World).

Magick exists in the shadows of the WotA Modern setting. Even individuals with immense power have incredible difficulty accessing it due to the Seal of the Archmagi—usually called the Veil by magickers. Only through arduous training, difficult rituals and spells, and through artifacts can people access magick. Races of creatures that depend on magick have dealt with the lack in a variety of ways. Blood magick and vampirism, incubi and succubi, all ways for different creatures to access magick they used to rely on.

Travel to subRealms where magick is plentiful does exist, and some creatures choose to live out their lives in the relative seclusion of different subRealms. Most truly separate Realms are nearly impossible to reach, leaving elves stranded on Ao and thankfully limiting the demon incursion from the Nether Realms. The Faerie Realms remain accessible, and it is possible to travel to other Realms through them.

WotA Bi-Verse setting
This is the universe before there was a universe. There exists only the Realms of Aether and Nether, the homes of Dragons and Demons at the height of their power. It existed for trillions of years and ended in the invasion of the Aether Realms by the Demon Lord, whose destruction created the multiverse and all present Realms.

WotA Atlantis setting
The Realm of Lysia first merged with the Realm of Ao approximately 65 million years ago. Immediately after, undead and lycanthropes came into existence for the first time. The Yesurian Empire of the Elves dominated the entire planet (aside from Yoka). Dwarves populated the underground world, dragons avoided conflict entirely after abandoning their war against the elves, and elves started to mold the planet to suit their needs, creating their slaves, the Tauren races (minotaurs, centaurs, humans, giants, merfolk, etc). The age culminated in a great rebellion of the Tauren races allied with dwarves and dragons. The human archmagi placed a Seal around the Realm, locking away magick and cutting Ao off from most of the rest of the multiverse.

WotA Saurian setting
The Age of Dinosaurs. The Green Men of Lanundao and the Beasts of Bershidai both lived freely during this time, along with their descendants the orcs. Dragons tried to mold life in their image and created the Saurian races, which quickly formed their own independent civilization. Titans lived and tended to Wochirden, the soul of the planet.

WotA SciFi setting
Although other planets exist and have civilizations throughout the ages, the WotA SciFi setting exists primarily after the Devastation of 3000 AD. With the destruction of the Seal of the Archmagi, magick spread through the entire universe, allowing life to come back on most planets. Simultaneously, demons spread throughout the universe invading anywhere an Aegis didn't exist to prevent them. Human colonies which had spread to other solar systems, came under attack everywhere. Galateans and Humans combined forces to fight back against demons and discover the new alien species that had popped up seemingly from nowhere (locked away in subRealms mostly), while learning to use magick after a lifetime of only knowing science.

WotA Post Devastation setting
Existing between 3000 AD and 10000 AD on the planet of Ao. It started with the Yoka-Promethean War between Galateans and dragons. No other creatures could oppose the Galateans and the dragons knew they couldn't outlive creatures made of metal instead of flesh. Unfortunately, the Galateans won and ruled nearly unopposed until 9999, when all the races of the planet combined forces to fight back against the Galateans. The final battle against the Galateans resulted in the Lumen Masolovat, a near total destruction of the Eastern seaboard of the continent of Gaia.

WotA Pandora's Call setting
The first Galatean, Prometheus, comes to life after hearing the wish of his former owner, Pandora. Prometheus and Pandora live in the war-torn lands of Ao until Pandora dies, prompting Prometheus to bring other AIs to life and bring humans under their control. A Doomsday Device is unleashed near 3000 AD, breaking the Seal of the Archmagi.

So yeah! Those are some of the settings you'll be seeing in upcoming stories. Feel free to ask questions about anything and everything. Thanks for reading!