Thursday, January 19, 2017


haha, I just noticed that my last 11 blog posts are all drafts . . .



Anyway, it's 2017.That's pretty nice. 2016 was SHIT.

I promise more content soon!

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm not good at keeping those promises. But that's why your comments and replies are so important! They have a huge impact on me and are the source of 73% of my motivation.
(25% of the rest is coffee and the remaining 2% is my natural motivation).

I received two very nice letters from readers of Throne of Ao the other day, and it's convinced me to put it back up for sale (that and the fact that the only way to get it is to pirate it; seriously, they pirate everything regardless of popularity? haaaa).

I'll put it back up around the same time as Cross and the Cap comes out. So a week or so . . . tabun. I'm mostly working on formatting and cobbling together a cover now.

If you subscribe to my fiction newsletter, I'm sure I'll send something out then. Oh, and I'll be posting an anime review later today: huzzah!

Thank you for your time!