Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Cross and the Cap" — Urban fantasy, explicit content, novella: pre-order now!

I'm so excited about my newest novella, Cross and the Cap. Writing this story has been nothing but fun, and I really think that will translate to you as you read her first adventure. You can check out the Amazon listing here: Amazon.com/dp/B071HRWK3V

I like to think of Cross's stories as being similar in tone to Deadpool (violent, irreverent fun) taking place in the WotA-Modern setting. Cross is foul-mouthed and vain, but possesses incredible power in the form of her trusty magick-shooting guns. She also has this annoying ability of being able to hear the narrator, and she doesn't exactly approve of everything he has to say either.

The WotA-Modern setting is basically our world with all the magicks, physics, creatures, and backstory of the WotA universe. You won't be meeting Val or any of his friends from the WotA-Main setting The Throne of Ao takes place in, but you will see creatures like laorcs, trolls, and fey exactly like how they are in WotA-Main.

During this timeline, magick has been sealed, placing an impermeable Veil in place between our universe and the font of magick. Experienced magickers are able to "reach around" the Veil and access magick, but this is much more difficult than you might think, and leaves humans (whom rarely manifest magick naturally) at an even bigger disadvantage.

Enter Cross and her .50 caliber magick. By putting all of her effort into loading custom shells with magick, she is unrestrained by the Veil so long her ammunition lasts.

A pre-order is going on right now, and the ebooks should be delivered around midnight PDT on Friday, May 19th. It's listed at my usual novella price of $2.99.

I can't emphasize enough how much more your sale counts as a pre-order. One of the most important aspects of Amazon's ranking system is velocity and all of your pre-order sales are tallied up upon release, making books shoot through the stratosphere of Amazon's rankings with enough pre-sales. The book is also part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, please consider reading Cross and the Cap. Note that if you do have that subscription, it only counts for authors if you actually read the book. If you don't read it, our sales rank doesn't improve and we don't get paid.

Cross and the Cap does have explicit content and is not appropriate for children. If that scares you off, I completely understand. If you do end up liking the story, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Cross and the Cap is meant to be an introduction to Vera Cross and her life, and I'm looking forward to writing her next adventure soon.

Thank you for your support,

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