Monday, April 30, 2018

Some Spoiler Thoughts on Avengers 3 (Infinity War)

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Avengers 3 continues Marvel's proud(?) tradition of fake-killing characters.

Oh, Black Panther's made 1.3 billion dollars and obviously going to get a sequel? Misdirect to Okoye, then GONE.

Spider-Man has a sequel already announced? Heart-wrenching goodbye scene!

Guardians of the Galaxy has a sequel too? Let's decimate them, and by decimate them I mean the reverse of that with only Rocket still standing.

I sincerely hope that all the characters that died before the snappening stay dead because Marvel already has a problem with bringing back characters. You comic book diehards may be fine with it, but it's bad writing and a symptom of the medium there, it doesn't have the place in the movie universe without making you not care when these characters die on-screen.

Watching the film last Friday I was horrified and astonished when everyone was dying, then Black Panther goes to get Okoye and I go, "no, not her too!" to have it switch to Black Panther evaporating. For a split-second I was dumbstruck before I was immediately taken out of the movie, realizing that this big snap has to be reversed in some way. It really soured the ending of the film for me.

Tom Holland did a beautiful job in his death scene that would have been even more of a gutpunch normally, but ended up only further cementing that this was getting reversed.

Everyone is saying it's going to be time travel that undoes it, and this is somewhat supported by set photos of Avengers 4 revealing some of the original Avengers in their earlier outfits.

If time travel is on the board, I'll be appalled. Time travel is way too much of a cure-all. Why not go back and stop Cap from going into the ice and have him live happily ever after with Peggy Carter. Hell, why not go back and stop Hitler and the Red Skull in the first place. No need for any of the bad things that have ever happened if time travel is on the table.

I'm OK with how Doctor Strange has manipulated time so far because it feels limited. Like, if he gets somewhere 5 minutes too late he's not going to be able to reverse it that far. If they had killed Vision in the beginning of the movie, Thanos wouldn't have been able to use the time stone to bring him back. Or at least, that's how it's portrayed to me and that's how I'm taking it.

But if they time travel back ten years to fix or stop what's happened, then it's little better than the "it was all a dream" nonsense.

But then I got to thinking.

If we take Kevin Feige and the Russo Bros at their word and that all of the "deaths" of the movie are real deaths, then maybe what we saw at the end wasn't them all dying.

The only way I can imagine being OK with undoing the snap is if there's no time travel involved, but maybe the death of half the universe was actually moving half the universe to the dimension contained inside the soul stone. If that's the case, then you don't undo anything that happened in the movie, we just didn't see what happened after they dissolved into ash.

If they go this route, I think there's even a small chance that they incorporate some of the Secret Wars plot replacing battle planet with the dimension inside the soul stone. Maybe Red Skull and Abomination got ashed also and the heroes inside the soul stone have to fight them just for a chance to come back to normal reality.

If Gamora comes back to life, I think it completely undoes the feeling of sacrifice for her death scene, so even though I can imagine her being inside the soul stone also, I hope they don't undo her death for that reason. Additionally, we don't know how much Shuri was able to separate of Vision before she was interrupted, so it's possible some form of him might be able to be brought back as well.

Other than those two, I can't see a path back for everyone else that died pre-snap (Loki, Heimdall, the children of Thanos, etc), but I seriously hope they go the route that what we saw at the end wasn't the death of half the universe, but shifting them into the soul stone. It would also only further cement that Thanos did what he did because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Anyway, just wanted to get these thoughts out there. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping/speculating this. But time travel is too absurd and OP to fix things. Please don't do time travel. I really want to continue enjoying these movies without knowing that there's nothing of consequence ever happening.

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