Hi everyone! Zero here.

There's an absurd number of ways to get in touch with me through the many realms of social media. Please consider following and commenting on my blog (of which you are currently on).

You can also reach me at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ (the Myspace page is still up and running, but it is no longer being updated. Apologies, it was my first social media site, but it's not what it used to be, if you want to get in touch, do it through one of these).
You can also reach me via e-mail: Zero [at] ApocalypseDesigns [dot] com.
Guest Posts
I am available for articles on other blogs, journals, etc and open to promoting the articles of others here. Topics that interest me include: writing, independent authors, independent publishing, amazon publishing and smashwords publishing, ebooks, mathematics, mathematics curriculum, mathematics education, editing, design, marketing, fantasy, world-building, anime, manga, science fiction, comics, prepping, art, social media, and a host of others. Please query me at my email if you're interested in writing, posting, or trading articles. I request a short about me and a link back to my blog & website for any articles I write and offer the same in return to any articles I accept.

Hire Me
I do lectures on mathematics curriculum, math education, writing, and on speculative fiction. I am available as a consultant on curriculum, editing, advice, design, critique, etc. Please contact me via email for further information.

Reviews are something that I occasionally do. If there's some media you'd like me to consider reviewing, please query me at the above address with "Review Request" in the subject line along with the type of media, i.e. book, album, video, etc. I've got a bit of a backlog with reviews currently, but if there's something interesting, I will try to make room for it. I prefer speculative fiction (of any type), pop nonfiction (that is, nonfiction written for laymen), and items that I can actually use, but you're welcome to query with anything.

If I respond to your query requesting the item, then you can send electronic files and web addresses to the above e-mail. I also have a large post office box available for physical items. Please be clear in your query which version you are requesting to send so that I can give you the necessary information in my reply.

Thank you!

P.S. I am not accepting submissions for publication through Apocalypse Designs currently, although I am available to hire as a consultant (editing, advice, design, critique, etc).

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