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Some Spoiler Thoughts on Avengers 3 (Infinity War)

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Dungeon Landlord 007

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Cheat, I Reluctantly Became a Dungeon (Land)Lord
7 - Growth
Slia and I were able to successfully digest Slib. I had made a fatal error in my understanding of the absorption process. Turns out the relevant stat to absorb another slime (at least in this scenario, not going to immediately assume it applies elsewhere) is Ego, not HP.
Although I think HP has something to do with it?
Anyway. According to Denya, if it hadn’t been for Slia’s intervention, it was debatable whether my tenure as a landlord was already up.
Thankfully, Slia did intervene.
And we both experienced some growth.
Name: Prota
Player: Unknown
Race: Intelligent slime(?)
Gender: Neutral
Age: 0
LV: 1
HP: 56
MP: 89
Str: 3
Mot: 5
Spd: 1
Apt: 2
Hea: 12
Cre: 23
End: 35
Log: 3
Dex: 1
Cha: 5
Agi: 0
Ego: 1(0)3

I’m not sure what Slia’s stats were like before the merger (since I hadn’t really been paying attention other than its hit points), but I was feeling a little annoyed with them to be honest.
Name: Slia
Owner: Prota
Race: Baka slime
Gender: Neutral
Age: Unknown
LV: 3
HP: 5
MP: 1
Str: 4
Mot: 7
Spd: 2
Apt: 3
Hea: 3
Cre: 3
End: 3
Log: 1
Dex: 1
Cha: 7
Agi: 1
Ego: 5

Skills: Tackle (Beginner); Magic Tackle; Greater Absorption [Passive] (Beginner); Negotiation (Beginner); Fealty [Passive] (Apprentice)
First of all, that race! “Baka slime”? Isn’t that just an insult?
No matter how I look at it, its stats are already matched or past mine. And what’s with those skills? There’s a ranking system for skills? Why aren’t any of my skills ranked?
So even its skills are beyond mine?
So it’s Untrained Beginner Apprentice Journeyman Professional Master
And this little punk already has two skills at Beginner and one skill at Apprentice before I’ve got a single trained skill?
Tch. Just because I haven’t been practicing doesn’t mean I don’t expect massive growths. I’m supposed to be a cheat character, aren’t I? Where’s my cheat? My subordinate is already stronger than me?
My non-existent cheeks felt hot. I mentally coughed to clear my mind throat,
But still, the ranking is too nominal.
<. . . I believe so, Master.>
What’s with the hesitation? Another moment went by before Slia’s skills came up again.
Skills: Tackle Lv 5; Magic Tackle Lv 1; Greater Absorption [Passive] Lv 7; Negotiation Lv 5; Fealty [Passive] Lv 15.
  will get you so far before plateauing. If you can breakthrough that point through your studies or some insight, then you will continue to improve.>
A new slime pancaked its way inside. The HUD responded to my mental command and I checked both the ego and HP before continuing. It's nice to have people—err, monsters—to rely on, but I'm not going to be worthless my entire second life. If I’m a slime, I’ll improve the only way I know how. Magic tackle!
I imagined the look of horror on the slime’s expressionless nonface from the impending doom that is me bearing down out of the darkness, but it was much more anticlimactic.
The slime popped inside with a schmorp and floated listlessly inside me. It’s a little strange being able to see inside yourself, but it’s even more strange being able to see inside of yourself when there’s another self inside looking back.
With my “eyes” focused inward, the sudden sensation of being pancaked as another slime dropped into Denya and directly on top of me came as a bit of a surprise. Reflexively, my body curled around the new slime, dragging it inside without a struggle.
If I could “oof”, I’d be oofing. Let’s get out from the entrance hole, yeah?
What? I can’t move?!
. . .
. . .
Another plop, schmorck, and reflexive devouring and I was now a mother of three. Why is this happening???
WTF?! Slia had tackled another slime in midair.
Slia was—we’ll go with digesting?—its slime much faster. Tch, guess this is the power of Greater Absorption.
Schkmorckph. Ow ow ow ow!
Slia, how are you absorbing so fast! The first slime I swallowed had almost been absorbed. It looked like frayed edges intermingling with me. Wait, how am I digesting it anyway? Is my entire body acid?
No, that’s not it. I’m not digesting, I’m absorbing. I’m making it become me on a molecular level. My junk is attacking its junk and the larger junk wins—like a flash cell game!
~ Greater Absorption [Passive] (Apprentice-Lv 15) unlocked ~
Whoa, my knowledge of online games is actually going to be useful? Finally, a good cheat ability! Jump straight to level 15!
The first slime I had attacked finally finished “going away" and I felt a slight boost to my abilities, but another schmorped its way inside before I could do anything. Dammit! I'm starting to feel thin again.
Wait! I can move! Is this the power of apprentice level skills?! Quickly, I slimed my way away from the entrance. Another slime pancaked in right after I vacated the location.
I watched as it reconstituted itself and began to explore the surroundings. Slia—apparently  finished eating its snack—started following it around.
Another slime pancaked its way in. This was getting absurd.
Denya replied helpfully.
I remarked wryly. Then continued,
Examining the new slime, the words “Slib 2” overlaid my vision. Slib 2, really?
As I spoke, the “Slib 2” melted into the word “Slic”.
I refrained from commenting on the overlay switching to “Slick” after my command and instead focused on the fact that the slime did nothing different.
Denya said apologetically.
So it will listen to my commands if I could give it commands, but I cannot give it commands. GREAT.
Denya’s response could be felt throughout the room. Sheesh, if she gets any more enthusiastic we’ll all get buried in a cave-in. Err, Denya-in.
Both slimes stopped exploring their surroundings and moved over to the corner, rolling around in a tight circle. Slia stopped her pursuit of Slick and slimed her way back over to me to watch the progress of the other two.
The tremors of Denya’s joy shook the cavern. All this from “Good job”?!
Denya sent a questioning thought my way after watching the slimes circle each other for a few hours.
That’s not how you use “sama”, you know! I stopped myself from directing the thought at Denya, but of course she heard it anyway.
I mentally coughed to get rid of the pervert’s words,
It was gradual, but over the course of the past few hours the slimes had sunk half their body size into the floor. This was sped up no doubt by the additional three slimes that had joined. Slimes naturally absorbed everything they came in contact with, including the terrain itself; slowly, but surely, the ground itself was giving way to the slimes.
Of course, the slimes were also growing larger, so Slia and I casually munched on any slimes that seemed to have grown too large whenever a new one came. I was ignoring Slick, whether due to sentimentality or its own craftiness, Slick stayed the same size no matter how long it fed on Denya and the slime trails of its cohorts. It was probably just my imagination that it was hunching down as though to not be noticed.
Ack! Tone down the enthusiasm! Are you trying to crush us! It’s no good making a hole if you fill it up with rocks!
Denya didn’t have any answers. I waited a while longer until the slimes were starting to disappear from sight in the hole they were carving. I ordered Denya,
Slick slimed its way over the edge of the first hell and upon noticing me scooted away at rapid speed. I’m seriously just imagining that though, right? Slimes don’t feel fear, right?!
Peering over the edge of the abyss—err, one meter divot in the ground—I observed our prey. From an afternoon of tackling slimes, I knew that a tackle would just leave me absorbing another slime.
Silence greeted my request.
The tremor this time was barely felt by us, but a solid rock that was more a boulder than anything dropped with a certain self-satisfied aplomb, splatting the slime.
Well, that was graphic. I oozed my way into the hole and extended my senses. The remains of the slime were just ooze. Homogenous slime that could not be distinguished. There are no magic cores in this world?
Denya continued before I could even formulate a thought,
Hey, this is pretty nice.
As a slime, there was no way for me to explore the hole without getting all up in the muck, you know? It’s not because I was careless and didn’t realize I’d be oozing over the carcass of my prey. It’s not!
Still, she has a point. <Get Slick and his crew back over here to absorb this boulder out of my new bathtub.>
LV: 13 (“How do you like me now! First, we feast, then we level UP!”)
HP: 635
Str: 3
Spd: 1
Hea: 2
End: 5
Dex: 1
Agi: 0
“After everything is said and done, only HP increased significantly, huh? I’m a little let down.”
“It is possible that you are a magic-type, my lord.”
MP: 957
Mot: 5
Apt: 2
3 (“C’mon! This is the best stat and it only went up 1?!”)
Cre: 3
11 (“Whoa! There we go! Is this my cheat ability?”)
Log: 3
Cha: 5
Ego: 3
12 (“Let’s eat ALL of the slimes!” “Master, Slick and Slia are shivering in fear,”)
New Skills and Rank Ups:
Command Lv 0
Intimidation Lv 0
Leader (Passive) Lv 0
Dungeon Terrain Lv 0
Tackle Lv 4
Magic Tackle Lv 0
Greater Absorption (Passive) Lv 22 (“Knowledge of the other world is scary effective, isn’t it.”)
“It seems like skills are way more important than any of my ability scores. And even the skill ranks have level ups—what kind of growth junky system is this world? What’s next, jobs?”
“. . .”
“Hmm? Denya? What’s with that reaction? Denya? Hey! Are you listening?”
New Jobs:
Interior Decorator Lv 0
Ruffian Lv 0
Slime Commander Lv 0
Monster Driver Lv 0
Monster Tamer Lv 0
“. . . Master?”
“Just leave it. We’ll talk about this later.”
New Subordinate:
Slick (“Wait, how come Slick is listed as a subordinate and Slia is listed as a pet? Is this that? This is that, right? It’s bullying!”)
New Achievements:
Dungeon Hack (“I guess altering dungeons is NG?” “Master, I am yours to customize.”)
Slime Killer (“Even though it was Denya that killed it?” “I am merely your tool, my liege.”)
“I don’t even want to bother with Slia and Slick right now, Denya, just show me your updates.”
“Yes, Great Master Prota-sama.”
Population: 2 8
MP: 576 575
576 525 (“Hmm, I wonder how much just the rock cost and how much the rest was because she’s unable to control her emotions?” “. . .” “Are you ignoring me?” “I am unsure what my honorable lord is referring to, so I had nothing more to add.”
Mana/Day: 10 (20)
New Feature: Slime Hell (“Let’s send all the extra slimes here for now.”)
New Feature: Slime Bath (“Can’t this just be called a regular bath?” “Does my Lord wish it to be filled with water then?” “. . . it’s fine as it is now, Denya.”)
New Spell: Rock Crush
“Oh, it manifested as an actual ability? Show me the MP cost!”
“That’s strange . . . I seem unable to display that information.”
“Really? It’s not actually super low is it. It’s not something like 5, right? It’s not, right? Denya? Oh my god it’s 5.”
“Spells cost a differing amount based on how they are manifested and manipulated when you . . .”
“Denya. It’s OK, just tell me.”
“It’s 5.”

Friday, December 8, 2017

Dungeon Landlord 006

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Cheat, I Reluctantly Became a Dungeon (Land)Lord
6 - Master of Slimes
It came while I was sleeping. A little blue ball of yuck. Yes, exactly what you’re thinking: a slime.
I say “little”, but in reality the thing was half my size. Now that I think about it, I’ve been going off the assumption that my body is the same size as my human body was. Of course, I don’t even remember how big I was as a human . . . or even what I looked like . . . or what sex I was.
Anyway, I don’t want to think about that right now. Hark! There’s a wild slime!
Well, I say wild, but it’s kinda’ docile. Right now it was just following me around Denya. I liked to imagine I was giving a tour, but I’m not quite sure how much the little guy understood. Of course, the fact that I wasn’t speaking probably didn’t help.
Denya seemed to find this very cute though. Finally, I had enough.
So do we have to do anything for this little guy? I asked Denya mentally.
Surprisingly, Denya responded in the same manner, What do you mean, Prota-sama?
Like food? Orders?
Slimes don’t need to eat, Master. Ah, that explains why I haven’t gotten hungry yet, But they’ll instinctively move to try to absorb organic content.
So he’ll attack any creature that comes in? Even if he’s not a match for it?
He’s not an intelligent slime. He’ll also naturally move to feed on lichen and moss growing in my body.
When you say it like that, it sounds gross, Denya.
Well excuse me for providing nutrition for you, Master! The walls felt close and I couldn’t tell if she was pouting or angry.
Um. I’m sure your lichen is delicious, Denya.
It is!
Right, so, this guy . . . The slime had been slowly circling me. He’s fine as is?
Yes, my lord. He’ll slowly erode the walls and will develop the more he eats.
He’ll develop the more he eats?
Yes, slimes slowly take on the properties of their environment because their tissue is so malleable, but they also continue to grow with everything they digest.
While we were speaking, another blue ball dropped through the ceiling. Sire, my inhabitants have increased by one.
Sire?! Ah, yes, Denya. I see that.
The other slime saw it as well. With an exaggerated leap, it scurried its way over to the newcomer, that was still resuming its natural spherical shape after being pancaked in its fall.
Hmm. We may want to think about a staircase at some point.
Yes, my lord.
The two slimes were circling around each other. Are they going to attack? They seemed fairly similar to one another. In truth, I could no longer tell them apart. Denya could though, she overlaid their names with the creature for each slime on my HUD. She named them, “Slime A” and “Slime B”.
Well, it’s good this girl has the ability to use spaces and at least 7 characters too. I was a little worried they were going to show up as SLIA and SLIB. Of course, as soon as those thoughts floated across my consciousness, Denya changed their names to Slia and Slib.
Even though I hadn’t used the ability tackle, yet, I could somehow tell both slimes were gathering the physical energy needed to initiate it. Slib was just a little faster and rocketed across the space between them first. Slia rocketed out to meet Slib and the two collided.
Instead of being rebuffed or shoved aside, they absorbed one another. The HUD displayed “Sliab(?)” over their congealed mass. That was unexpected.
A popping sound could be heard and the two split apart. Slia scurried over to hide behind me and Slib started exploring Denya. “Slimes and oozes will naturally combine and split over their lifetimes. They have no ego and so long as a sufficient mass remains, they can continue to function.”
No personality? Tell that to Slia. He’s practically shaking in fear.
“What?” Master, I think Slia’s been feeding on your slime-trail as you gave him a tour of me.
My slime-trail? Throwing my senses around, I realized that a trail of slime followed me wherever I went. So he’s already becoming more like an intelligent slime?
Yes, Prota-sama. I do not recommend allowing other slimes to feed on you until you’ve grown stronger.
No shit, really? Not like I knew he was feeding on me! My senses naturally settled on Slib as he rolled around. After failing to absorb Slia, Slib was acting like a normal slime.
Slia and Slib are my thralls, right?
“Yes, Master.” I guess it was difficult for Denya to speak telepathically, since she slipped into speech whenever it didn’t matter if the slimes heard. Aren’t we being too careful? They’re just slimes.
Can I see Slib’s character sheet?
Race: Slime
HP: 1
I didn’t care about the rest. My own hit points had recovered while I slept, so I was now back up to 3. Slia similarly had 1 hit point. My guess for why they couldn’t combine was because they were equal in HP. If that’s the case.
Not realizing I only needed to compress my body slightly to gather the physical energy for tackle, I ended up incorporating some of my MP as well. I flew across the room to impact Slib. He was completely enveloped in a moment and came to rest inside of me.
I say rest, but I could feel him struggling.
Also, it became a little harder to think.
Was Denya saying something?
Slia was rolling towards me. No! Bad dog! Stay! No jump! Bad!

HP: 3/3 → 1/5
MP: 7/7 → 8/8
Str: 2 → 3
Cre: 1 → 2
Ego: 1 → 1 (0)
Abnormal Status: Self Loss
New Skills: Magic Tackle
New Pets: Slia (Slime)


Population: 1 → 2 (“Well, at least we managed to keep one of them.” -Denya)
Mana Growth: 1(6) → 1(7)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dungeon Landlord 005

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Cheat, I Reluctantly Became a Dungeon (Land)Lord
5 - Den of Slime(s)
So about growth.
“Yes, Master?”
I’d like to level up.
“I’d like that as well, Master.”
Wait, you mean you? Or me?
“Both would be agreeable, Master.”
Ah, I see. So how do I do that?
“I am unsure how you would increase in power. From the information I have available, it seems that monsters can improve through training and feeding. As dungeon lord, you would also gain a sympathetic effect when I increase in power.”
And you?
“I can increase in power through the expenditure of mana and other resources, and I also increase in power through the power of my inhabitants.”
Like how you’re gaining more mana now that I’m here.
“As you say, Master.”
You know, you really do not need to call me Master. It’s perfectly fine to call me by name.
“Master, your surface thoughts are confusing me. What does thirsty mean in this sense? I’m not sure how that is associated with arousal.”
I’m not being thirsty! That’s just an anime meme!
“Very well. I shall henceforth call you Prota-sama.”
Sama? Because of the anime thing? Are you making fun of me? Doesn’t she have to answer when I ask her something? What’s going on here?
“We are having a discussion about names, Prota-sama. It developed from our discussion about increasing in power.”
Don’t just pick and choose what to respond to!
The sense of the walls shaking filled my slime body. Doesn’t it cost mana to make the walls shake like that just because you’re laughing?
“You are mistaken, Prota-sama. I am not moving. You are sensing changes in my presence, which would feel to an inhabitant of me as though I am shaking.”
Ah. So when I called you old before . . .
The walls shook and I could clearly feel rubble fall from the ceiling. One stone in particular fell onto me and was absorbed into my body so I am quite clear on that. Denya?
“Yes, Master?”
The walls weren’t shaking just now?
“As I explained before, Master, it is merely changes in my presence.”
What about the rubble that fell down?
“Ah? Master doesn’t have eyes, so I am not sure what you are speaking about.”
Display the total mana please.
“. . .”
“I’d rather not.”
And why is that?
“Oh, what’s this? It appears there was an earthquake just now.”
. . .
“You believe me, right, Master?”
. . .
I thought I told you to call me Prota?
This time, her presence actually did change and the walls stayed still. I guess it took some practice to be able to tell the difference. But still, a dungeon that wastes mana when she gets too emotional. What kind of handicap is this? Guess I’m still a little salty from not being born as a shapeshifted dragon.
“Prota-sama, is the reason why you are thirsty because you are salty?”
Enough with the comedy routine for now, babe. Let’s start growing.
“Very well, Prota-sama. What path would you like to pursue?”
I have these abilities: creature creation and dungeon terrain. I haven’t been able to do anything with them so far—in truth, even though they showed up on my character sheet, they were grayed out—I’m assuming they have something to do with you?
“Yes, Master! Those are special abilities accessible only to a dungeon lord. You can use them through my interface.”
So let’s expand this room then. That will give you more mana absorption, right?
“It will, Prota-sama. However it will also make it more likely that I will be invaded and you will come under attack.”
Well, that’s not good. Looking at a part of my character sheet I never paid attention to before, I was pretty disgusted with the results.
HP: 2
MP: 1
At this rate, I’ll die just from Denya shaking the walls. OK, so that’s NG. What about creature creation?
“Creating creatures is a great idea!” Denya seemed pretty enthusiastic about this. Her dungeon stat pages popped up on my HUD and rapidly cycled to the pages on creatures. “Currently, we have access to the Avatar and Intelligent Slime templates.”
Knowing what an intelligent slime was (me), I asked, Avatar?
“This would be a physical body that would incarnate a part of my soul, built to your specifications.”
“I can be any gender you like, Master. You’d have complete control over my specifications during the creation. Of course, I would still exist separately from my avatar and run the dungeon for you.”
That’s amazing! Let’s do that!
“Very well, Master! You seem very excited about this for some reason. First, we need to gather the mana and expend it to make the egg.”
Great! Oh, before I forget, how much mana will this take?
“Hmm. At my current efficiency, I can create an avatar with only 500 000 units of mana. Shall I proceed?”
. . .
Cancel the avatar creation, babe.
It’s just too expensive.
“Really? I’d still have a surplus of 67 000 units of mana for daily operation. As long as my mana stays above 10 000, there should be no impact on my existence.”
If I had a throat, I would have gulped at that. Denya requires 10 000 MP to stay alive? The slow growth rate was all I was concerned about.
How would your mana growth change with an avatar inhabiting?
“As an avatar, there would be no change initially. Depending on their actions and growth, it may negatively or positively affect mana growth.”
Yeah, that’s definitely NG. Not until we have your MP stabilized. I try to never make units that I can’t immediately recoup the cost of.
“You have experience managing a dungeon, Prota-sama?”
Hey now, there’s no need to get jealous of computer games, Denya! Don’t start shaking the walls! There’s no need to worry, Denya. It was a simulation.
The sense of foreboding that made it feel like the ceiling was coming down on me fled as Denya grasped the meaning behind the word simulation. “What a well-prepared master.”
Anyway, how much to make an intelligent slime? I asked at the same time as I manipulated the page myself to look.
“That is unfortunately beyond our capabilities.”
A million? Why so much? Intelligent slimes are super weak if they’re anything like me.
“Apparently, the template we have is corrupted.”
“Yes, your species is probably not an intelligent slime.”
My own character sheet popped up, now with a question mark next to my assumed race. So this is the bad end? Have next to no magic reserves and get wiped out with the possible growth of your avatar or expand the dungeon and increase the likelihood of invaders.
“There is another option, Prota-sama.”
Lost in my own misery, it took Denya a few times to get through. Huh?
“We could perform a summoning.”
A summoning? Are we going to call a hero?
“Heavens no! A hero?! That would be our natural enemy!”
Heavens no? I remarked wryly. What sort of dungeon says ‘heavens no’?
“This sort!” Denya retorted with a huff. Needless to say, a dungeon’s huff involves the ground shaking.
So what did you mean by a summoning? I changed subjects forcibly.
“Now that I have a lord, we can release a signal that would attract creatures weaker than you to come and become your thralls.”
Oh? This is great! I thought about her words for a few moments more. Wait a second. There’s a problem.
“What’s that, my lord?”
Now it’s ‘my lord’? Ahem, Yes, I just cleared my nonexistent throat in my thoughts, is there a problem? The bit about monsters weaker than me.
“Oh. My lord is very weak.”
“But I am sure there must be weaker monsters. After all, you’re a dungeon lord!”
Ah well, I’m not so sure. But depending on the cost of trying . . .
“To broadcast a signal to areas in immediate proximity to us would take 5 units of mana.”
Whoa, that’s super cheap. Can be recouped in a single day even.
“If I may, my lord. My suggestion is to boost the signal and broadcast it for 5 days. With the increased area and duration, surely there is a monster weaker than you!”
I mentally sighed. Is this some sort of punishment game? What would be the cost of doing so?
“Around 500 units of mana.”
That much? How weak do you think I am?
“The cost increases exponentially with the distance from my center, my lord Prota-sama.”
Lord AND sama now? But she’s right. If we can get some monsters inhabiting, even if they only increase her mana growth as much as I am, we would make it back in a couple of months. And more importantly, it gives us options. Very well. Make it so.
“Master, please stand at my center and make your call.”
Hmm? I have to do it? Where’s your center?
“Um, it’s where you are right now, Master.”
Then why did you give me that extra instruction?
“Well, if you want to make a call in the future, my center may change locations and I didn’t want you to think you could do it from anywhere within me. You have to be at my center—”
Enough with the ero game stuff, Denya. What do I do now?
“Ask for creatures to come join your service, Master. I will pick up your call and use my mana to broadcast it and repeat it.”
Wait, do I have to do it out loud?
“Yes Master. That is a requirement.”
I’m going to leave all my fluids over your center if you make me say it.
“Ooo, Master!”
I’m totally being teased right now. She’s already mastered sarcasm to this level? I mean, I was teasing her, too. Ugh, this is so gross. OK, OK, I can do this! “Come work for me. I’m the dungeon lord, Prota.”
A great fatigue came over me after I finished speaking. Enough of my innards lay around me from the forced expulsion that my consciousness grew faint.

Prota Lv. 1 (“Am I finally strong enough to merit a level? Ooo, lots of level-ups! Almost worth being sick all over! At least this isn’t a slow growth game.”)
Race: Intelligent Slime → Intelligent Slime (?)
HP: 2 / 2 → 1 / 3
MP: 1 / 1 → 0 / 7 (“MP went up that much? Is it a racial trait?”)
End: 1 → 3 (“I certainly feel like I ran a marathon.”)
Cha: 3 → 5 (“Talking to a girl does wonders for your interpersonal skills, eh? Let’s keep flirting with Denya!”)
Log: 2 → 3
Mot: 2 → 5 (“I think I’m pretty motivated already. I mean, I really don’t want to die again, you know?”)
Apt: 1 → 2 (“Ugh, this stat would be by #1 if I could control it. A learning bonus that applies to every skill and stat? Isn’t that a cheat stat?)
Abnormal Status: Mind Down
New Achievements
Inside Out - Turned inside out (“The hyperbole of this game and everyone in it is incredible”)
Classifieds - Posted a job notice (“How many of these bronze achievements am I going to get? What’s next? An achievement for waking up? One for breathing?”)
Channeler - Channeled over 100 MP (“Oh, I guess I acted as the relay for Denya’s magic? Is that why my MP went up so much?)

Denya Lv. 1 (“Oh, we’re doing Denya now too?”)
Mana: 577 098 → 576 575 (“She used that much mana on shaking the walls? Such an irresponsible kid!” “You are mistaken, Master. My mana was lowered by the completely natural and authentic earthquake we were mysteriously struck by earlier today.”)
Mana/Day: 1/(5) → 1/(6)
New Abilities:
Earthshake (“Kinda’ hard to deny it now, Denya!” “I do not know what you are speaking about, my lord and master, Prota-sama.”)
New Spells:
Slime Summon (“So after all that we just summoned some slimes?” “This is a modification of the general call spell now that we have slimes inhabiting my body.” “You mean besides me?” “Yes, Master. They came while you were sleeping.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “You were sleeping.”)

Create Slime (“Let me guess, it’s 100 000 MP.” “No, but for something that’s just a slime, it’s pretty expensive: 100 units of mana.”)